Taraba: UMC Nagataba Provides Water To Over 5000 People Daily

By Sani Yarima 

In Taraba State, the United Methodist Church Nagataba has taken the initiative to provide water at a subsidized rate to over 5,000 individuals daily, drawn from various areas. 

The area has been experiencing water scarcity as a result of prolonged power outages and the ongoing fuel crisis across Nigeria. 

Mrs. Wilson, the official in charge of the water pump, made this disclosure to our correspondent during a visit to the area in the early hours of Wednesday 1st May 2024.

The church, recognizing the need to assist residents from various areas, installed a borehole and overhead tanks to sell water at a discounted rate. 

Mrs. Wilson also pointed out that apart from the United Methodist Church Nagataba, no other borehole has been installed by the government in Nagataba, Danka Je, Lasandi, Anguwan Kasa, and Dinyabo communities, among others.

Mrs. Wilson further disclosed that many Christians could not attend last Sunday’s service due to a lack of water.

Additionally, some went to their respective churches late since the United Methodist Church Nagataba could not obtain fuel, even from black marketers, that day.

“We sell the water to water vendors at a rate of N200 per complete truck while residents pay N50 per jerrican,” said Mrs. Wilson.

Madam Glory Ishaya expressed her appreciation to the United Methodist Church Nagataba for reducing the hardship the people are experiencing in search of water. 

She also expressed concern about the government’s neglect of the people’s basic needs. 

She urged Governor Agbu Kefas to look into their plight and called on the Taraba state government to rehabilitate water infrastructure to ensure water supply to all areas in the state capital and beyond.

Mr. Peter Simon, who had been in the queue since 4 AM, appealed to Governor Agbu Kefas to intervene and alleviate the sufferings of the populace across communities in the state capital. 

“If not for this church, we would not have known how to access water for cooking and bathing our children to enable them to go to school. We implore the government to take action,” he pleaded.

Mu’azu Muhammed, a water vendor, explained that he buys a complete truck of 10 yellow jerricans at the same cost of N200 and sells it at the sum of N1000 or N700, depending on the distance. 

This is in contrast to the N150 or N200 for the entire truck before the power outage and fuel scarcity.

Meanwhile, in response to the outcries by the public, Governor Agbu Kefas Ph.D has directed the Taraba State Ministry of Water Resources to immediately ensure that the water is supplied to all communities across the state capital. 

It is hoped that the directive of the Governor will yield a positive outcome to ease the sufferings of the populace.

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