Student Bullied By Classmate Issues 48 Hours Ultimatum 

….Set To Sue School Authority

By Our Reporter 

Lead British International School has been notified of the continual bullying experienced by Namtira Bwala, a student, and other parents. 

Despite several attempts to bring this situation to the attention of the school, these occurrences have persisted, causing emotional and physical distress to the affected parties. 

Recently, a video of one of these incidents went viral on social media, bringing the matter to public attention.

The school’s response to this issue is deemed insufficient, as it fails to recognize the gravity of the situation.

The said statement appears to be a tacit agreement with the bullies’ behavior, leading to a worsening of the situation.

In light of this, Namtira Bwala’s legal representatives, Deji Adeyanju and Co., have issued a formal letter to the school.

The letter demands that Lead British International School takes immediate and appropriate action against the bullies, including Maryam Hassan, Miss Faliya, and nine other students, who have formed a cult of bullies in the school.

This action should be taken within 48 hours of the receipt of the letter and failure to do so will result in legal proceedings against Lead British International School, Gwarimpa, Abuja, without further notice.

It is hoped that Lead British International School will take this matter seriously and take appropriate action to protect its students from the harmful effects of bullying.

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