Owner-Occupier Scheme: Complete Your Payment Or Face Revocation-Adamawa Govt Warns Occupants

By Jessica Bakari, Yola

The Adamawa State Government has issued a twenty-one days ultimatum to occupants of state government houses under the owner-occupier scheme to complete their money or the houses will be revoked.

The Chairman of the task force committee on the revocation of government houses and institutions, Mr. John Vandu disclosed this to journalists during a press briefing held at the office of the Secretary to the State Government in Yola.

Mr. John Vandu.

Mr. Vandu said the beneficiaries of owner-occupier should as a matter of urgency pay their outstanding balance to the Fidelity Bank with account name finance liquidity 4011497849, beginning from Monday 29th January to 19th February 2024, or else the houses will automatically be revoked.

He explained that commissioners’ quarters were accepted under the owner-occupier scheme only three houses in the quarters were been allocated to three judges by the state government.

Vandu called on those living in the commissioner’s quarters to vacate peacefully to avoid being injected forcefully. 

Speaking on the government institutions where the task force committee sealed over three hundred houses, Mr. Vandu announced that many people staying illegally have already vacated the houses and warned those who are yet to leave should do so before the committee comes back.

He noted that those who are living illegally in government institutions quarters and are on government payroll and yet to vacant their salary will soon be stopped. 

Mr. John Vandu advised that anyone living in a government house under owner-occupier scheme should not pay the money after the twenty-one-days date line given.

He, however, pointed out that those living in the Commissioner’s quarters are not supposed to pay any money as their quarters were excepted from the owner-occupier scheme. 

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