NPJK Lauds JISRA For Pioneering Peace Journalism Workshop In Kaduna

By Abdullahi Alhassan, Kaduna

Network of Peace Journalists Kaduna (NPJK) has commended the Joint Initiative for Strategic Religious Action (JISRA) for organizing a two-day media workshop on peace journalism for journalists based in Kaduna.The workshop aimed to strengthen peace and unity in the state.

Ibrahima Yakubu, Team Leader of NPJK, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Reuben Emmanuel of the Nigeria JISRA Consortium for organizing the training, which benefited over 20 journalists in the state.

The event was themed “The Role of Media in Interfaith Relations and Peace Building.”

The primary goal of the workshop was to create a safe platform for civil society organizations (CSOs) and media professionals to discuss strategies for promoting just and peaceful societies in Kaduna State and across Nigeria.

The workshop also aimed to enhance the capacity of journalists from various media outlets, including Television, Radio,Print,online Media, and Blogs.

Local partners and implementers such as the Development Initiative of West Africa (DIWA), Dialogue, Reconciliation and Peace(DREP), Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations in Nigeria (FOMWAN),Justice Peace and Reconciliation Movement (JPRM), Rural Development Counsellors for Christian Churches in Africa (RURCON), Scripture Union West Africa (SUWA), and Women’s Interfaith Council (WIC) were in attendance.

Presentations were made by consortium partners from three international non-governmental organizations: Tearfund Netherlands & Tearfund UK (Nigeria Country Consortium Lead), Search for Common Ground, and Mensen met een Missie (MM) & Catholic Agency For Overseas Development (MM’s representative in Nigeria).

Ibrahima noted that several research papers were presented, providing valuable insights into ways to mitigate conflicts through media reporting. He emphasized the importance of strengthening relationships with JISRA and other peace partners to promote peace and stability across Kaduna’s 23 local government areas.

He commended the supportive partners for their courage and commitment to promoting peace and unity in the state, particularly in some local government areas where they operate.

With the extensive knowledge gained from the JISRA workshop, journalists are expected to be more committed to producing peace and developmental journalism that fosters unity.

The team leader highlighted that the journalists selected for the workshop were chosen based on positive recommendations and their dedication to peace-building stories that promote unity among Nigerians.

Journalists were encouraged to focus on investigative journalism, fact-checking, and avoiding sensationalism.

Furthermore, peace journalists must be well-versed in psychology, sociology, cultural studies, conflict management and resolution, and indigenous knowledge systems of local communities to effectively carry out their work.

This workshop was organized by JISRA, a product of the Power of Voices (PoV) Alliance formed by Mensen met een Missie, Tearfund NL & Tearfund UK, and Search for Common Ground. The PoV Alliance is funded by the Dutch Government from 2021 to 2025.

Ibrahima extended his thanks to JISRA and other partners for traveling to Kaduna to organize the workshop for NPJK members.

(Solution journalism plays a significant role towards mitigating conflicts while promoting peace, forgiveness among Nigerians)

Mr. Reuben Emmanuel Esq.,Lead of the Nigeria JISRA Lobby, Advocacy and Communications Working Group (LAC- WG)”stated that the workshop aimed to create a collaborative platform for CSOs and media members to discuss strategies for promoting just and peaceful societies in Kaduna State.

He stressed the need for synergy with the media to reduce tension and combat fake news.

He called on all stakeholders to join efforts in promoting peace and unity in the state and the nation. He also noted that the JISRA program is currently being implemented in seven countries: Nigeria, Ethiopia, Mali, Kenya, Uganda, Indonesia, and Iraq.

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