Nigerian Army pulls out 10 officers in Bauchi

The Nigerian Army Armoured Corps in Bauchi state, on Thursday, pulled out 10 officers who have retired from the military.

Speaking during the pulling out ceremony, one of the retired senior officers, who spoke on behalf of others, Maj:-Gen. Nsor Ojiji, called on the Nigerian government to continue to sustain the Armour Corps.

According to him, the corps needed a lot of equipment in tanks and Armoured fighting vehicles as well as tank ammunition.

“It is this corps that would propel the rest of the army in battle so that the commanders could achieve their objectives. So, the government has to take care of them.

“I’ve been privileged to work with the best set of human beings and people who are very committed and moving with the tanks alone commands a lot of respect and I want to say that I was in the best corps of the Nigerian Army Forces,” he said.

He also called on the Army Communities to keep up the good work, take care of one another and solidly be together.

The retired officer further urged all the commanders to continue to take care of their men and their families as well.

“I want to thank the Chief of Army Staff for all the efforts he has been making and I also wish to thank the Commander, Armoured Corps and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces for all their untiring effort to advance the Nigerian Army,” he said

Also speaking, the Commander of the Corps, Maj:-Gen. Mohammed Ahmed said he was highly grateful, satisfied and honoured to have witnessed a day filled with mixed feelings and emotions of the pulling out of the retired Senior officers.

He said “we are happy that we did what we are supposed to do.

“There is no army in the world that has enough, and the Nigerian Army has developed its capacity to the level that you can see that most of our equipment is highly maintained”.

Other pulled out officers included; Maj:-Gen M.H Magaji, Maj:-Gen G.B Audu, Maj:-Gen. M Danmadami, Maj:-Gen J.G Mohammed and Maj:-Gen U.I Mohammed.

Others included; Brig:-Gen A. Israel, Brig:-Gen B.A Mohammed, Brig:-Gen D. Abdulsalam and Brig:-Gen S.P Akpan.

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