NCNCSON Hails Taraba Govt For Promoting Peace, Tourism 

.…As Nwonyo Fishing Festival Is Around The Corner 

By Sani Yarima 

The National Council of Non-Governmental Organizations and Civil Society Organizations of Nigeria (NCNCSON) has issued a press statement to commend the Taraba State Government for its unwavering efforts in promoting peace and tourism through cultural celebrations, as the Nwonyo Cultural and Fishing Festival approaches.

The President of NCNCSON in Taraba State, Comrade Fidelis Nashuka (NES), praised the government, led by Dr. Kefas Agbu, for organizing the Festival, which has been an emblem of cultural and socio-economic identity for the people of Ibi and neighboring communities for generations.

Nashuka emphasized that the festival is not merely an event, but a testament to the rich heritage and communal spirit of the people of Taraba State. It highlights the importance of peace and unity in fostering development and prosperity within the state.

The NCNCSON also recognized the Taraba State Ministry of Tourism, led by Hon. Commissioner, Rev. Joseph Titus Nagombe, for their unwavering dedication to revitalizing and developing tourism in the state. 

The ministry’s initiatives, including the Gembu Tourism Festival and the Nwonyo Fishing Festival, organized within a year, demonstrate a commitment to making Taraba State a premier tourist destination.

Nashuka called upon all stakeholders to use this opportunity to emphasize the significance of peace, noting that without it, there can be no development.

He urged everyone to embrace dialogue and dispute mechanisms to resolve conflicts peacefully.

According to Nashuka, prioritizing peace is essential to the betterment of Taraba State. “Our common enemy – poverty – can only be defeated through unity and collaboration. 

Major socio-economic projects are underway, such as the TY Danjuma Nine Faculties University Project, the Kashimbila Airport, irrigation projects, massive road constructions, and free education initiatives, among others.”

In conclusion, Nashuka urged everyone to give peace a chance for the prosperity and development of Taraba State.

“Together, we can create a Taraba State that thrives on peace, unity, and progress. We extend our good wishes to all Tarabans and tourists for a successful celebration.”

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