MACBAN Advocates For The Cultivation Of Moral Values Among Its Members, Families

The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) has advocated for the cultivation of moral values and the avoidance of social vices among its members and their families.

The MACBAN, National President Alhaji Baba-Othman Ngelzarma made the call at the inauguration of newly executives of the Bauchi State chapter of the Association on Monday in Bauchi.

He said this initiative is to promote a responsible and socially aware community within the pastoralist groups across Nigeria.

NGelzarma urged members to take concrete steps to caution their children and wards against immorality and social vices.

That includes educating them about the importance of upholding traditional values, respecting cultural norms, and avoiding behaviors that could undermine the integrity of their communities.

The president also urged its members to adopt modern techniques of cattle rearing to boost livestock production in the country.

He urged members to embrace better livestock management practices such as improved breeding, healthcare, and feeding methods.

“By modernizing, MACBAN aims to enhance productivity, improve animal welfare, and reduce conflicts arising from traditional grazing practices,” he said

Ngelzarma also urged the pastoralists to encourage their youth and children to recognize the importance of youth involvement in sustainable agriculture.

He also emphasised the need for skill acquisition programs designed to equip young herders with essential skills in livestock management, entrepreneurship, and modern agricultural techniques.

“That would create opportunities for economic self-sufficiency and reduce the attraction of alternative livelihoods that may contribute to conflicts or insecurity,” he said.

The president lamented high mortality rates among cattle have been a longstanding issue for herders in Nigeria, exacerbated by diseases, poor nutrition, and inadequate veterinary care.

He said MACBAN’s initiative includes measures to improve veterinary services, educate members on disease prevention, and ensure better access to quality feed and water sources.

The president urged the new executives to foster unity and preach morality among the youth and the pastoralists in the State.

The New Chairman of the Association Mr Mohammed Kabir, appreciated members of the association giving them the mandate unopposed.

He assured the National President and members of the association his commitment towards the leadership of the chapter, pledging to unit members across the twenty local government areas of the State.

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