Group Berates Sports Minister’s Gutter Tactics, Says Enoh’s Response To Hon. Adams An Assault

Arewa Youth Sports Forum on Saturday berated Sports Minister, Senator John Owan Enoh for employing gutter tactics, by attempting to discredit and deflect the issues as advanced by the House Committee Chairman, Hon. Ekene Adams.

A statement signed by the Coordinator of the group, Comrade Yohanna Pam described the Sports Minister’s response as disappointing and a blatant attempt to divert attention from the substantive issues raised by the Honorable Member.

The statement reads, “It is concerning to observe the recent Press Release issued by the Federal Ministry of Sports Development, specifically targeting Hon. Ekene Adams and questioning his credibility and sincerity. 

While the Ministry attempts to defend the Honourable Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Owan Enoh, it is imperative to address certain points raised in the Press Release.

“First and foremost, it is disappointing to note the Ministry’s attempt to discredit Hon. Ekene Adams based on his health issues. Implying that his health condition renders him incompetent and out of touch with reality is not only insensitive but a blatant attempt to divert attention from the substantive issues raised by the Honorable Member. 

It is crucial to remember that personal attacks have no place in constructive discourse, especially within the realm of public service.

“Furthermore, the Ministry’s assertion and attempt to belittle the office of Hon. Adams reflects a lack of understanding of the principles of democracy and the importance of upholding the dignity of elected representatives. 

Every individual elected, regardless of their office is higher than a political appointee. 

Hence, lawmakers deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. 

The lack of transparency and accountability in Senator Enoh’s approach to sports administration has raised concerns among stakeholders, including Hon. Adams, who has highlighted the need for a more responsible and competent leadership in the sector.” Pam’s statement reads.

The statement asked the Sports Minister to stop blaming the CBN for the failure of foreign athletes to receive their payments, noting that his actions are bringing the government President Tinubu to disrepute.

“While defending the Honourable Minister of Sports Development is understandable, it is essential to address the concerns raised by Hon. Adams transparently and respectfully.

Constructive dialogue and open communication are key to fostering trust and accountability in governance. 

Rather than addressing pressing issues such as the delayed payments to foreign athletes who excelled at the African Games in Ghana, as questioned by Hon.Adams, the Minister, and Ministry resulted in the assault on the lawmaker.

We know before now, that Senator Enoh has resorted to deflecting blame onto the Central Bank, despite its proven efficiency under the leadership of Olayemi Cardoso, and by extension bringing the Government of President Tinubu to disrepute.

“It is evident that Senator Enoh’s tenure as sports minister has been characterized by self-glorification and a disregard for the hard work and dedication of athletes and federation presidents who strive for excellence in sports. 

His failure to address the challenges facing the sports sector has only served to exacerbate the existing issues. 

In contrast, the call for cooperation and collaboration with Hon. Adams, a respected figure in sports with a rich history as both an athlete and administrator, presents an opportunity for Senator Enoh to embrace a more inclusive and effective approach to sports administration in Nigeria.

Knowing fully well that the Sports Minister knows nothing in sports administration.”The statement reads.

Concluding the statement, Comrade Pam warned the Sports Minister to be careful and trade gently as Mr. President has zero tolerance for corruption
“In conclusion, it is imperative for the minister to know that his present office is at the mercy of Mr. President, a man with zero tolerance for corruption.

Maybe, the Sports Minister has forgotten how the Tinubu’s government is handling Beta Edu’s case; coincidentally, they both hail from Cross River state.” Comrade Pam concluded his statement.

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