Governor Dauda Lawal’s Lack Of Commitment On Insecurity Issue In Zamfara

By: Abdulwali Anwar Tahir

The main reason of establishing the Zamfara State Community Protection Guards which is a local security outfit is to restore peace and combat the scourge of banditry. The Governor appointed retired Lt. Col. Rabiu Garba ‘Yandoto as its Commandant.

Just 4 months after its inauguration, there are numerous cries of foul play that led to its Commandant to make some comments in their activities and the state government’s failure to adequately fund it in a recent radio interview.

The Commandant said: “You trained somebody, gave him a gun to fight criminals, then you refuse to pay him his monthly allowance, and you cannot fuel his vehicle. How do you expect him to perform”?

“I swear to God that since the time I assumed office in January this year as the Commandant of the state CPG, I collected only N98, 000″.

Similarly also, the CPG were paid their allowances only once since they assumed duty 4 months ago.

“Similarly, I have been buying fuel with my own money whenever we are going out for operation. This can never happen anywhere in the world.” (On quote).

This is a clear testimony of lack of seriousness of Dauda Lawal’s so-called efforts on insecurity.

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