Gov Fintiri’s Transformative Leadership Of Excellence By Tumba

Adamawa State Governor, Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is indeed making Adamawa, a bastion of hope and beacon of socio-economic development. His transformative leadership has elevated the status of the State to unparalleled heights and prosperity.

He makes a Adamawa, a hub for substantial foreign investments by initiating key infrastructural developments, including the completion and ongoing construction of five flyovers, an ultramodern international sports complex, as well as extensive road networks across the state.

Furthermore, Governor Fintiri’s unwavering commitment to healthcare has resulted in the establishment and equipping of eight cottage hospitals, renovation and upgrade of facilities at the existing secondary health centres, building a number of primary healthcare facilities and a cutting-edge medical laboratory among others.

In addition to these, notably, initiatives such as the dialysis center, health insurance for civil servants, and free healthcare for vulnerable age groups demonstrate a prioritization of the citizens’ well-being.

Under Governor Fintiri’s stewardship, critical sectors such as security, housing, agriculture, education, and empowerment have experienced notable enhancements.

The overhaul of security sector, construction of 1,000 housing units, reduction of gratuity arrears, and the upgrading of cattle markets underscore his dedication to holistic development.

The strides made in boosting the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) from mere millions to billion affirms the sustainable economic growth witnessed in the state.

These achievements, coupled with various other impactful initiatives like the creation of PAWECA, L-PRESS and ADAS Programs, pave the way for Adamawa to develop that the yet unborn generation will be proud of.

In light of the remarkable foundation laid by Governor Fintiri, I am optimistic that the person succeeding him in 2027 will inherit a legacy of progress and prosperity, offering ample opportunities to build upon.

Emmanuel Philip Tumba
Special Assistant to Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri on Media and Content Creation

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