Food Security: Adamawa Govt Launches Agric Program ‘APPACCA’

Adamawa State, known for its fertile lands, is set to become a beacon of food security and economic diversification with the launch of the Agricultural Programme for Poverty Alleviation and Climate Change Adaptation (APPACCA).

The initiative was unveiled by Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, who emphasized the importance of supporting farming activities with essential inputs and improved seed varieties to boost agricultural production.

Represented by the Honorable Commissioner for Agriculture, Professor David Jatau Firchiwa, Governor Fintiri announced that APPACCA will be rolled out in phases, with the government acquiring 300 hectares of land in each local government area. This land will be made available for cultivation by local youth, providing them with a significant opportunity to engage in productive agricultural practices.

The Chairman of the Food Security Committee, Dr. Dishi Khobe, provided a brief overview of the APPACCA Programme. He highlighted that Governor Fintiri’s vision for this initiative began even before the 2023 election, driven by the need to address the growing population’s food requirements. Dr. Khobe stressed that the programme aims to offer permanent solutions to food security challenges, moving beyond temporary palliative measures.

Dr. Khobe also mentioned that the programme involves the introduction of improved seed varieties and expert management to ensure optimal outcomes for farmers in Adamawa. He emphasized the Governor’s commitment to increasing investment in resilience-building and sustainable agricultural practices.

Professor Bitrus Tarfa Dawi, the coordinator for the programme, outlined the implementation strategy, detailing how the initiative will be rolled out to maximize its impact.

In his opening remarks, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Tanimu Buba, lauded Governor Fintiri’s vision and encouraged participants to embrace the programme. All speakers at the event commended the Governor for this groundbreaking initiative and urged the people of Adamawa to take full advantage of the opportunities it presents for nutrition and employment.

The event, attended by dignitaries including Honorable Commissioner for Water Resources Hon. Audu Ayuba, Head of Service of 21 LGAs, Mrs. Mary Paninga, and Umaru Bobboi, Secretary of the Committee, also featured a training session for state and local extension agents, marking the beginning of a new era in Adamawa’s agricultural sector.


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