Flooding: Taraba Environment Commissioner, Barde Calls On Residents To Remove Obstacles In Waterways

By Sani Yarima 

Honorable Aishat Barde, the Commissioner of Environment and Climate Change in Taraba State has issued an advisory to stakeholders and residents residing in riverine areas to exercise vigilance and take requisite measures in removing obstacles in waterways. 

Barde spoke to Premium Reporters and SAHEL REPORTERS on Wednesday 17th April 2024 via telephone.

The aforementioned advisory is in response to the recent prediction of possible flooding in Taraba State and thirty other states of the federation between April and November, which is attributed to unpredictable climate shifts occurring in the region.

The Commissioner has advocated that communities that are likely to be affected should maintain their composure and abstain from panicking as the government is committed to providing relief materials and temporary measures to assist in emergencies.

Additionally, Honorable Aishat Barde has advised farmers to exercise caution during this period to mitigate potential risks associated with the rising water levels.

Furthermore, the Commissioner has emphasized the importance of addressing the root causes of climate change to effectively combat its effects.

 “Climate Change is real, and the message is clear – the challenges of climate change are upon us, and it is crucial to collectively work towards reducing the factors that contribute to its detrimental impact,” Barde added.

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