Ending Ukwe’s Stool Tussle: A Milestone To Our Govt- Hon. Zainab

By Sani Yarima 

The appointment and bestowal of the Staff of Office upon the new Ukwe Takum, His Royal Majesty, Barrister Sopiya Ahmadu Gboshi, has been characterized as a momentous occasion in Governor Agbu Kefas’s administration of Taraba State. 

The state’s Commissioner of Information and Reorientation, Hon. Zainab Usman Jalingo, articulated this perspective during a live telephone interview through 90.6 FM’s Hausa radio program, “Hantsi Leka Gidan Kowa,” on TSBS, which was monitored by our correspondent in Jalingo.

She described the event that marked the conclusion of over twenty-eight (28) years of chieftaincy conflict in the Takum local government area of the state as commendable.

According to the Taraba State Government’s spokesperson, Zainab Jalingo, the new Chief is an experienced legal professional with outstanding leadership attributes and well-equipped for governance.

When questioned about the unorthodox timing of the ceremony, she elucidated that the government possesses the prerogative to select the timing and venue for its activities. 

Furthermore, she underscored that the presentation of the Staff of the Office was a government function, and the state government had deemed it appropriate to conduct the event in the evening.

Additionally, Hon. Zainab Jalingo entreated the residents of Takum to uphold the law and demonstrate respect for constituted authorities, underscoring the significance of peaceful coexistence for the advancement of the community and the state at large.

In conclusion, the Commissioner reaffirmed Governor Agbu Kefas’s commitment to ensuring the transformation of the state through his Moving Forward Agenda.

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