Count NSA Out Of Emirate Dispute – APC Chieftain, Kwacham Warns Kano Politicians

By Tom Garba, Yola

The unimaginable drama from the reinstatement of Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi III who was dethroned from being the Emir of Kano State is turning into something else according to a Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Hon Abdullahi Abubakar Kwacham took a wipe lashes against some politicians who are dragging the name of Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, the national security adviser (NSA) to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to have a hand on whatever is going on in Kano.

He said Nuhu is having a national interest not a Kano interest to make sure the entire nation is secure and every citizen is protected according to the provision of the law, he can’t stoop low over what he said the stakeholders are capable of resolving whatever is the difference.

Kwacham blasted those accusing the NSA of fuel the traditional stool drama as his political enemies that want to drag his name to the mud over what he has less interest on.

He lampooned those concern to have Make sure Kano State is secure and the Emirate Peaceful irrespective of who becomes the Emir not to have brought into the State shame that will outlived their generation yet unborn.

He said the open show of disgrace has stained the respectable Kano Emirate by desecrating the throne to a mere place of drama.

He advised Kano government and the the Emirate king makers to tow the path of peace that will unite the waring families.

According to him both Sanusi and Bayero are apparent sons to the throne, with both blood of royalty running through their veins. And nothing can be more better than the royal Brother to unite in the interest of peace.

“They are Brothers, the politicians should not find their throne struggles another means of settling their scores or political differences.

“For dragging Nuhu Ribadu into their Family fight who is not even from Kano talk more of being part of their family blood line is what I can’t never accept.

“Count NSA out of your open show of disgrace and figure out your issues by resolving it yourself. No one can do this for you, and don’t allow politician to make mockery of the throne that has Long history of good transitions.” Kwacham Said

Kwacham who granted a phone interview draw the attention of Kano Emirate that Nigerians and the entire world are indeed watching how the needless drama will unfold itself.

He however said their feign allegations will never discourage the NSA from doing his best to ensure that insecurity of whatever type come to a final bus stop in the country.

He said Nuhu is working and called on Nigerians to give him more support and ignore those who are politicizing the Kano Emirate struggles for primordial sentiments.

The APC Man said they are doing that for their political selfish reasons not the collective interest of Kano State indigenes or Nigerians.

He commended the Tinubu led administration for working the paths of reviving the country’s economy.

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