Cyber Security Levy: Milking A Dying Cow

By Mubarak Shuaybu Shelleng

The current situation in the country is quite complex and challenging, particularly for the common man. Many people find it difficult to cope with the current economic hardship and uncertainties that this country is facing. The policies implemented by the government have put many lives at stake, as people struggle to survive in the face of these harsh and unfriendly measures.

Unfortunately, many Nigerians have lost hope due to the government’s introduction of policies that have worsened the situation.
After the decision to remove oil subsidies, many businesses collapsed, leaving people with no hope. This government has continued to privatize almost everything and left people in a great dilemma.

The depreciation of the Naira currency has had a significant impact on many businesses. Unfortunately, the government has not taken any effective steps to address this issue, despite receiving recommendations from economic experts. This has resulted in the problem persisting and causing further harm to the affected businesses.

Also, the introduction of electricity tariffs was among the worst decisions made by this government as many parts of the country were incessantly experiencing what is tagged as the collapse of the National Grid. Many states especially here in the north can hardly have stable electricity for two days. Instead of addressing this issue to ensure a stable distribution this government decided to deepen their situation by introducing an electricity tariff.

In essence, the average person living in a remote village understands that Nigeria, as a country, possesses abundant resources that could be utilized to provide necessary social amenities for its citizens. However, the major hindrance to achieving this goal is the poor leadership system, which is characterized by leaders lacking in ideology. This impediment prevents the system from being equitable to its citizens.

Many students in Nigerian higher institutions have been deceived by a student loan scheme that has yet to be put into practice. They were made to believe that this government was the natural successor of the former. Additionally, workers have been struggling to make ends meet as their meager salaries can no longer sustain them for two weeks. They are left with the option to sit and watch the debate on the new minimum wage on television, which is yet to be agreed upon and implemented.

The recently introduced Cybersecurity levy is likely to push many Nigerians into poverty, as the levy will discourage many businesses that people depend on for their livelihoods.

Above all, politicians and stakeholders in this current administration should urgently bring the plight of Nigerians to the attention of Bola Ahmad Tinubu. The renewed hope agenda has now turned into renewed suffering and hardship for many Nigerians.

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