BREAKING: Bandits Abduct Mother Of Popular Hausa Singer, Rarara

Halima Adamu, the mother of the well-known Hausa singer Dauda Adamu, also known as Rarara, has been kidnapped.

The abduction occurred at her home in Kahutu village, Danja local government area, Katsina State, according to a local source.
The source reported that the bandits entered the village around 1 a.m. on Friday and kidnapped the elderly woman.

The bandits arrived on foot and quietly, without firing a single shot during the operation, which lasted only a few minutes. The woman did not resist when they asked her to come with them,” the source stated.

Although there were other people in the house, the bandits only took Rarara’s mother, leaving the others behind. There was no attempt to confront the armed bandits.”

They likely parked their motorcycles some distance away and walked to the village. We are praying for her safe return because she is very important to us. Her son, Rarara, has been extremely generous, bringing numerous developments to our village.”

Attempts to contact the famous Hausa singer by phone have been unsuccessful, as his calls went unanswered.Nigerian Tracker


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