Bishop Donates Millions Of Naira To Victims Of Insurgency In Adamawa

By Jessica Bakari, Yola

The Catholic Bishop of Yola Diocese, Doctor Stephen Dami Mamza has donated one hundred and fifty thousand cash to each of the two hundred victims of kidnaped insurgency in twenty fourteen insurgencies in the northeast.

The cash donation took place at the Catholic Secretariat by the Justice Development and Peace Commission with support from Dei Zeit Newspaper’s Donors Management and the beneficiaries were cut across Madagali, Michika, and Mubi local governments irrespective of religion or tribal differences.   

Bishop Dami mamza explains that the abduction of over two hundred schoolgirls from the town of Chibok by the Nigerian Islamist Group Boko Haram in twenty fourteen sparked international outrage and brought attention to the plight of women and girls in conflict-ridden areas.

Among those who sought to shed light on the situation and bring about change were German journalist Wolfgang Bauer and the Zeit newspapers.

Wolfgang Bauer, known for his investigative journalism, traveled to Nigeria to personally investigate the situation and to gain an understanding of the conditions under which the abducted women were living. 

His in-depth reporting shed light on the atrocities committed by Boko Haram and the struggles faced by the women who had been abducted.

Through his reporting, Bauer humanized the victims and brought their stories to the attention of the international community.

The Zeit newspaper, with its wide readership and reputation for in-depth reporting, provided a platform for Bauer to share his findings saying the publication of Bauer’s articles and reports in the Zeit drew attention to the crisis in Nigeria and the plight of the abducted women.

 This coverage helped to raise awareness and mobilize support for the women and girls affected by Boko Haram’s actions.

Through their efforts, Wolfgang Bauer and the Zeit newspaper contributed to a greater understanding of the situation and increased support for the abducted women.

 Their reports and articles helped to put pressure on the Nigerian government and the international community to take action to address the crisis and to work towards the release and rehabilitation of the abducted women.

Bishop Dami said the contributions of Wolfgang Bauer and the Zeit newspaper were instrumental in shedding light on the plight of the women abducted by Boko Haram in twenty fourteen.

The Catholic Bishop of Yola diocese then thanked the donor for the gesture as it will also long way in causing their hardship, particularly during this economic hardship as a result of fuel subsidy. 

While calling on the beneficiaries of the gesture to make good use of the money to better their lives and that of their families. 

Also speaking the state chairman of the Muslims Council Alhaji Gambo Jika

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