AONN Urges Youth To Take Action On Ending GBV In Bauchi

An Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) Association for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Nigeria (AONN) Bauchi State with the support of Nigerian Women Trust Fund has raised awareness among young women and boys to end Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in the Society.

Mr Joel Timothy, AONN Secretary and facilitator during a sensitization forum at the National Veterinary Research Institute Bauchi and Dass local government area on Monday, urged the youth to voice out.

He explained that Gender-based violence (GBV) is violence committed against a person because of his or her sex or gender.

“It is forcing another person to do something against his or her will through violence, coercion, threats, deception, under age marriage, female circumcision, cultural expectations, or economic means

Timothy also urged young women and youth to be catalysts for change, and ask salient questions that can further improve the quality of life for young women, youth and human rights.

“Speak up against Domestic Violence, Female Gender Mutilation, Emotional and Verbal Abuse, inequality and poor representation during policy formulation.

“Women are susceptible to a lot because culture and religion make it difficult for women to ask questions that can liberate them.

“Seek professional help or talk to someone you trust, confide in them, healing comes from sharing,” he said.

On her part, Mrs Celine Jakaw Executive Director, Bauchi Community Oriented Initiative stressed the need for vulnerable individuals in the society to be protected.

““There are levels to GBV, there’s physical violence, emotional violence, sexual violence and psychological and mental violence.

“We need to focus on the crime and stop shaming victims of these crimes.
“Law enforcement agencies need reorientation; shame is one of the tools the society uses to silence victims,” she said.

Jakaw urged the young women and boys to educate their families and friends, in the case of rape and that gathering evidence played more important role than emotions.

Also speaking, Dr Yakubu Atuman, Director of the Veterinary Research Institute Dr appreciated AONN coming up such initiative to sensitize the students on menaces of gender based violence

He called on AONN to come again with the same initiative saying there are many forms of GBV that the community doesn’t know that are violations, he mentioned them as economic, sexual, words, expression, violence etc.

“Sensitization and awareness campaigns are very impactful in the society, it will change the attitude of the community, Atuman said.

In Dass, Mr Sunusi Yakubu, Social Welfare Orphans and Vulnerable desk officer, stressed the need to stand against Sexual and gender based violence in Dass communities as a result of prevalent cases and incidents in Dass.

Another Participants in Dass, Rauta Joseph Executive Director, Zabia Ruth Foundation encourage the participants to continue with awareness creation and sensitization on sexual and gender Based violence in order to combat, report and response to it whenever it happens.

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