Adamawa Spends N4.4b On Empowerment, Targets 2027 To End Poverty

The Adamawa State Poverty Alleviation and Wealth Creation Agency (PAWECA) says it will wipe poverty from among people of the state by the year 2027.

The agency which said on Tuesday that it has spent over N4.4 billion in empowering youths and women for self actualisation in the last couple of years, stressed that it is working towards getting every Adamawa person gainfully engaged by the next three years.

The Coordinator of PAWECA, Hajiya Aisha Bawa who addressed newsmen on the activities of the agency, said it has achieved much in raising the status of the poor and vulnerable since the agency was revived in 2019 when Governor Ahmadu Fintiri resolved on getting to power that Adamawa people should not remain poor.

Highlighting some of the ways that the agency spends money under its wealth creation or skills development or empowerment programmes, Hajiya Aishatu Bawa revealed that beneficiaries on skills acquisition currently receive N10,000 monthly stipend after it was raised from N5,000.

“Under social support service, we have 15,000 beneficiaries: those that are having N10,000; N20,000; N30,000 and N50,000 depending on which category you belong,” she said.

“We work to keep poverty and unemployment to the bearest minimum,” the PAWECA cordinator added, emphasizing, “The way we are moving, by the special grace of God, before 2027 we will kick out poverty from among the people of Adamawa State.”

She said her agency places much focus on personal skills development of beneficiaries because, “All over the world, it is not your educational qualification but what skill you have.”

She disclosed that of the 10 skills development centres that the state has in different towns, three had been acredited.

“We are seeking now for the other seven to be accredited. NBTE officials were here for a whole week. They went round the skills acquisition centres and did their inspection. We are determined that whatever gaps they may notice, in sha Allah, we will fill them,” she assured.

She added that the government is determined that Adamawa should have skills acquisition centres that are recognised nationally and internationally for the benefit of the youths and women of the state.

She said PAWECA is championing the revival of micro, small and medium enterprises, adding that the agency has empowered over 7,000 micro businesses across Adamawa State, and many have earned support grants to grow their businesses.

“Government has very good plans for the poor and vulnerable and we are determined to push the plans through. By the special grace of God, by the year 2027 we will kick poverty and unemployment out of Adamawa State,” she stressed.

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