Adamawa: HWI Installs Rice Milling Machine In Mubi To Empower Women

The Hopeful Women Initiative (HWI) has facilitated installation of rice milling machine in Mubi South LGA, Adamawa state, to help rice millers (women) meet the market demand and expand their customer base. 

The HWI in collaboration with Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund and UN Women targeted 20 Participants women and Girls Including persons living with disability for the project. 

The event which held on 15th April 2024 in Mubi South LGA aims to meet market demand as the demand for high -quality rice increases, and help rice millers especially women expand their customer base.

According to the statement made available to this platform by HWI Executive Director, Evang. Dr. Elizabeth U Dilibe, the installation of the machine will help to ensure food safety and security and increases efficiency and productivity of the rice milling process.

“Progressed in skill development. By providing beneficiaries with rice milling machines, they had learnt valuable milling skills and have started their own business and become entrepreneurs, creating job opportunities for themselves and others in their communities. 

“Increased economic independence of the women as they have started the businesses, generating income and becoming more financially independent. Improved women’s livelihoods.

“Providing beneficiaries with rice milling machines has improved their quality of life by making a sustainable income to support their families and contribute to the overall economic development of their communities. 

“Enhanced sustainability. With access to rice milling machines, beneficiaries are processing rice to finished products and sell to customers, reducing their dependence on outside suppliers. This has created a sustainable and self-reliant business model.

One of the beneficiaries named, Mrs. Magdalene, commended the efforts of WPHF for empowering them with a rice milling machine and she pledged that they will effectively use it to process rice to finished products for marketing and personal consumption. 

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