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Nigeria: As President-elect, Tinubu Steps In



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By Mubarak Shuaybu Shelleng 

God in his infinite power has offered Bola Ahmed Tinubu an opportunity to make a difference, especially to those people that don’t believe in his capacity to deliver due to their political reasons.

Bola Tinubu is indeed taking over a government that is complex and complicated to handle, with humongous financial debt, increased population, unemployment, fear of disintegration, and corruption among other stumbling blocks and perturbing factors.

The Buhari-led administration had accomplished a lot, especially in the area of infrastructure; agriculture, security, and social investment programs but scored so low in the area of education and proper management of public resources. 

The outlook of many Nigerian states has improved significantly as the Federal government in synergy with States recorded gigantic projects, involving the construction of good road networks, bridges, housing estates, schools, and hospitals across the state’s capitals and rural areas among others. 

Unexpectedly, Nigerians have experienced an unprecedented case of corrupt practices under the Buhari-led administration, meaning the mechanism and strategies put in place by the administration is not sufficient and has little or no effect on such practices which are the core impediment to the country’s growth and development.

It’s crystal clear that the fight against corruption in Nigerian public offices has not been as successful as the administration has claimed. Since Buhari has failed in that aspect, Tinubu’s new administration should re-strategize on how to fight corruption to a standstill, which if not done immediately, the country’s resources will continue to be embezzled and shared between few insincere and greedy politicians who perceived Nigeria’s resources as a national cake.

Nonchalantly, the Buhari-led-led administration had undoubtedly paid little or no attention to the educational sector. The educational sector has experienced the highest level of deterioration as schools from the basic to the tertiary level experienced setbacks as a result of poor or improper funding from the government. Worst Still, the Federal Government failed to honor the signed Agreement with the Academic Staff Union of Universities ASUU which led to the incessant industrial actions carried out by the union that posed a great setback to Nigerian Universities.

Consequently, both lecturers and students in Nigerian universities have continued to experience a lot; in coping with poor infrastructure or an inconducive learning environment. Tinubu being a Yoruba man from the West is believed to have valued Western education and has a particular package and lot to offer to the Nigerian deteriorated educational system.

Fortunately, the administration had wholeheartedly done an excellent job in the area of security as peace returned to Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe among other Northeastern States that were highly bedeviled by the Boko Haram insurgency. Besides, the issue of kidnapping, and rural banditry in mostly northwestern States has escalated.

Though, measures have been taken and the crime rate has dropped drastically to a convincing level. The new government should redouble such efforts to make sure that peace has finally returned to our land, which will enable people to go with their farming and other day-to-day activities. 

Lastly, another herculean task ahead of the newly elected president is the appointment of his cabinets. Those people have a significant role to play in making or marring the administration. Because many political appointees have disappointed Buhari even despite the truest bestowed on them. Squandering unimaginable amounts of public funds and the poor Justice system ended up setting them free. 

Therefore, great individuals with an undiluted spirit of patriotism and corruption-free records should be considered regardless of religion, region, or political party.

Mubarak shuaybu shelleng writes from Maiduguri, Borno state.

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Governor Dauda Lawal’s Lack Of Commitment On Insecurity Issue In Zamfara




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By: Abdulwali Anwar Tahir

The main reason of establishing the Zamfara State Community Protection Guards which is a local security outfit is to restore peace and combat the scourge of banditry. The Governor appointed retired Lt. Col. Rabiu Garba ‘Yandoto as its Commandant.

Just 4 months after its inauguration, there are numerous cries of foul play that led to its Commandant to make some comments in their activities and the state government’s failure to adequately fund it in a recent radio interview.

The Commandant said: “You trained somebody, gave him a gun to fight criminals, then you refuse to pay him his monthly allowance, and you cannot fuel his vehicle. How do you expect him to perform”?

“I swear to God that since the time I assumed office in January this year as the Commandant of the state CPG, I collected only N98, 000″.

Similarly also, the CPG were paid their allowances only once since they assumed duty 4 months ago.

“Similarly, I have been buying fuel with my own money whenever we are going out for operation. This can never happen anywhere in the world.” (On quote).

This is a clear testimony of lack of seriousness of Dauda Lawal’s so-called efforts on insecurity.

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Compassion In Action: A Closer Look At RT. Hon Abubakar Y. Suleiman’s Ramadan Feeding Program




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By Usman Abdullahi Koli

It is a trite tradition of life that after every hardship, there comes relief that makes people who underwent such difficult times regain their lost peace of mind. In fact, it is after the darkest hour of the night that the day breaks.

In every democratic setting, there are a set of people destined to oversee the affairs of others. Some of them, after emerging victorious, return to the electorate and uplift them, while the majority relegate them to the background till the eve of another election.

People should be wary of egocentric leaders and never waste their votes on them.
No one needs to be told about the economic hardship that Nigerians are going through. Unlike in the past when even average people could afford three square meals daily, pathetically, now they are ever busy trying hard to eat even once.

However, most of the elected political office holders are there doing nothing about the situation; only a few remember the terrible condition of the masses, and one of such individuals is Rt. Honorable Abubakar Y. Suleiman. Dan Galadiman Ningi is one in a million personality who sprouted from an ordinary community, went through similar or worse conditions, but his determination as well as good intentions in changing the narrative helped in actualizing his political ambition.

Many leaders have left their community since after emerging victorious but Honorable Y. Suleiman, as the speaker in the Bauchi House of Assembly, returned to his base and offered a helping hand that radically cushioned the adverse effect of Nigeria’s current economic hardship, especially in the month of Ramadan, where individuals fast without having what to eat or drink after sunrise.

A leader worth his salt, Honorable Abubakar Y. Suleiman acknowledged that fellow citizens from his constituency could not afford what to eat during this fasting period because of the inflated prices of food commodities, which are the rationale behind his recent gestures. He strategically identified 3 mosques in each of the eleven wards he is representing, feeding a total number of 350 people in each of the mosques and an additional 500 people in dire need in his neighborhood daily.

The Almighty always gives more to people who are generous to their fellow beings, whose hands are open, giving necessities of life to the poor; the giver oftentimes gets in return double of what he or she gives. We can only hope and pray that the Almighty opens more doors of provision and replenish the Honorable’s pockets.

The main aim of the Ramadan feeding program was to install unforgettable legacies that people will benefit from throughout the fasting period. Honorable Abubakar is a leader who always keeps his word, as this gesture is amongst his recent promises when he was sworn in again as the Speaker of the Bauchi State Assembly after emerging victorious at the rerun election in Ningi Central where he represents. He promised to ameliorate the hardship of his constituents to his best using the limited, scarce resources at his disposal.

Furthermore, the Honorable assured that the feeding package, which is being done through his foundation; Nabalago Foundation and supported by his family, is targeted to feed 10,500 individuals in three phases. Phase one of the program has been concluded, and another phase has already commenced for the complete month of Ramadan. Hence, he constituted a committee of trusted individuals to execute this task and ensure the judicious distribution of the cooked food to the beneficiaries. Not only that, he ensured that the menu of the feeding program aligns with the health benefits of those who are being given to.

It is an understatement to say that the people from Dan Galadima’s constituency are elated. Courtesy of a sterling representation, a limitless number of democratic dividends and projects he promised to pursue and execute for the benefit of all, irrespective of tribe or religion, it is imperative and necessary upon public office holders, politicians, and other representatives, to emulate what Rt. Honorable Abubakar Y. Suleiman has been doing for the development to reign in his constituency and beyond. Indeed, the Speaker is a pacesetter!

Koli, can be reached via;08168674594.

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Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore: Inge Urges PBT To Release Dr. Bodejo 




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By Sani Yarima

Alhaji Wakili Isiaka Inge, the Zonal Vice Chairman of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, South-west Zone, has appealed to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to intervene and effect the release of their National leader, Dr. Abdullahi Bello Bodejo. 

Inge who is residing in Ogun State made the plea during an interview with our reporter, in which he urged members of the association to remain united and not be distracted by the detention of Dr. Bodejo.

The Zonal VP also admonished members to maintain law and order, even as he reassured them that the National President is in good condition and will soon regain his freedom. 

Alhaji Wakili Isiaka Inge extolled Dr. Bodejo’s peace-building efforts, which he described as significant in maintaining peace and unity among the Fulani and other tribes, not only in Nigeria but across the African continent.

In addition, he clarified that Dr. Bodejo has a clean record and has never been involved in any criminal activity and implored the security agents responsible for Dr. Bodejo’s custody to take the necessary steps to secure his release.

Inge concluded his remarks by offering prayers to ALLAH for Dr. Bodejo’s continued protection and wisdom in leading the association to greater heights. 

Alhaji Wakili Isiaka Inge, however, expressed gratitude to the members and stakeholders for their support and cooperation, urging them to sustain the tempo.

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