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Traditional Tussle: Pay Attention To Gov. Ishaku’s Threat To Our Lives- KYN Urges FG, Others 



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By Freeda Yakson, Jalingo

The Kuteb Yatso of Nigeria (KYN) has raised alarm over an open threat to the lives of its people by Governor Darius Ishaku of Taraba State on the lingering traditional tussle to fill the vacant stool of Ukwe Takum.

KYN President, Mr. Emmanuel Ukwen who disclosed this to journalists in Jalingo on Saturday said it has become imperative for them to tell the world the challenges they are facing as a people on the matter which has lingered for over  26 years now.

He recalled that the stool was upgraded to 3rd class status under the colonial regime, and 2nd class in 1983, as well as first class in 2005, 

Ukwen noted that the Takum traditional stool is over one hundred years as a preserve for the Kuteb ruling houses that comprised Likam and Akenten just like stools that were upgraded during the same period as theirs.

He stated that the selection process had been handled by only Kuteb Kingmakers without outside influence or interference, as it was based purely on the kuteb people’s native law and customs.

They also revealed that recently, “the Taraba State Government had openly indicated her interest to change the status quo to make it rotational among the Kuteb, Chamba, and Kpanzo ethnic groups in Takum,”

According to KYN President, the position was made known to the Kuteb people at a meeting summoned by Governor Darius Ishaku held on the 30th of January 2023 at Government House Jalingo where the governor claimed that the decision to rotate the Takum chieftaincy stools was made jointly by the three ethnic groups.

Following the objection to the claim of the governor by the Kuteb delegates at the meeting, Ukwen explained that Ishaku became angry and issued threats that he as the Executive Governor of the state will evoke his executive power to do whatever he told them, whether they like it or not.

That he has the power to appoint even an Igbo man to become the Chief of Takum if he so wishes, adding that if the Kuteb people prove stubborn, he will draft the security in large numbers to take over the streets of the town to shoot anybody that stands on his way, while he announced that a new palace would be constructed for the new chief in Takum.

“Gentlemen of the Press: it is quite unfortunate and mind burgling that a governor who was elected by the people of Takum, Kuteb inclusive, and who swore by the Holy Bible to do Justice, be fair to all, protect lives and property, maintain peace, as well as law and order is the one that issuing threats to his people’s lives,”

“With due respect, the unprovoked outburst of his Excellency, the governor of Taraba State portends danger to the entire Kuteb race who are now feeling betrayed by the governor whom they wholeheartedly elected to govern them and are still considering electing him as a Senator on the 25th of this month,” Ukwen said.

However, the KYN President described the recent action by the governor as seeming to confirm the allegation that both the recent war between the Kutebs and Bandits.

Mr. Emmanuel Ukwen, further alleged that the current chieftaincy manipulation by the Governor has a political undertone aimed at achieving an individual’s interest and goal, and re-emphasized that innocent blood shade should not be shade because of one’s ambition.

The KYN President, Mr. Emmanuel Ukwen, called on all the security agencies, Chief of Defence Staff, Security Adviser to President, the National Human Rights Commission, and other peace-minded individuals to note and pay particular attention to the Governor’s open threats to lives.

He pledged that the Kuteb people will remain loyal and law-abiding citizens to all lawful orders issued by the governor.”Takum has had enough of blood shade in the recent past and people have not come out of their woes, and sufferings for anybody to steer up another round of blood shade,” Ukwen reiterates. 

Recalled that the genealogical ascension to the throne of Ukwe Takum was the Ukwe Ahmadu Gbankwe (Kuteb from Likam ruling house who reigned from 1912-1926, Ukwe Hassan Gbankwe (Kuteb from Likam ruling house 1926-1929, Ukwe Ibrahim Zorto Kufang (Kuteb from Akenten ruling house 1929-1938).

Others were Ukwe Audu Gya Gbankwe (Kuteb from Likam ruling house 1938-1963), and Ukwe Ali Ibrahim Kufang II (Kuteb from Akenten ruling house 1963-1996)

On whether they have the plan to approach the court of law on the matter, Mr. Emmanuel Ukwen said they are yet to decide on the next line of action, and pointed out that their people are now living in fear of not only losing their traditional inheritance but also of emanate annihilation by the same government they elected twice.

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Ending Ukwe’s Stool Tussle: A Milestone To Our Govt- Hon. Zainab




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By Sani Yarima 

The appointment and bestowal of the Staff of Office upon the new Ukwe Takum, His Royal Majesty, Barrister Sopiya Ahmadu Gboshi, has been characterized as a momentous occasion in Governor Agbu Kefas’s administration of Taraba State. 

The state’s Commissioner of Information and Reorientation, Hon. Zainab Usman Jalingo, articulated this perspective during a live telephone interview through 90.6 FM’s Hausa radio program, “Hantsi Leka Gidan Kowa,” on TSBS, which was monitored by our correspondent in Jalingo.

She described the event that marked the conclusion of over twenty-eight (28) years of chieftaincy conflict in the Takum local government area of the state as commendable.

According to the Taraba State Government’s spokesperson, Zainab Jalingo, the new Chief is an experienced legal professional with outstanding leadership attributes and well-equipped for governance.

When questioned about the unorthodox timing of the ceremony, she elucidated that the government possesses the prerogative to select the timing and venue for its activities. 

Furthermore, she underscored that the presentation of the Staff of the Office was a government function, and the state government had deemed it appropriate to conduct the event in the evening.

Additionally, Hon. Zainab Jalingo entreated the residents of Takum to uphold the law and demonstrate respect for constituted authorities, underscoring the significance of peaceful coexistence for the advancement of the community and the state at large.

In conclusion, the Commissioner reaffirmed Governor Agbu Kefas’s commitment to ensuring the transformation of the state through his Moving Forward Agenda.

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How Gov Kefas Presented Staff Of Office To Barr. Gboshi As Ukwe Takum




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By Sani Yarima 

Dr. Agbu Kefas, the Governor of Taraba State, recently swore in and presented a staff of office to the first-class chief of Takum, Barrister Sopiya Gboshi. 

The ceremony took place at the Exco chamber, Government House, Jalingo, on Monday, alongside two other third-class chiefs. 

During the event, the Governor expressed his hope that this new development would usher in the dawn of a new era in Takum, as the vacant throne of Takum had been a symbol of division and uncertainty for nearly three decades. 

The Governor emphasized the need for inclusivity and fairness in providing good governance and explained that his administration had established three third-class thrones in Takum, each representing the ruling houses of the: Kpanzo, Kuteb, and Chamba, as well as a rotational Chief of Takum. 

Dr. Kefas urged the people to embrace the principles of reconciliation, forgiveness, and inclusivity. 

The First-Class Chief of Takum, HRH Barr. Sopiya Ahmadu Gboshi thanked the Governor for the bold step in resolving the Chieftaincy dispute of Takum and pledged to justify the confidence reposed in him. 

The Third Class Chiefs; Tsohon Takum, HRH Ephraim Bala, and the Kur Garbabi Chiefdom, HRH Suleiman Umar Salihu, were also presented with the staff of the office. 

Justice Filibus Agya, the Taraba State Chief Judge, administered the oath of office and that of allegiance to the Royal Fathers.

Additionally, two third-class chiefs from Takum and Garbabi in the Gashaka local government area of the state were presented with the staff of the office.

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Kuteb Yatso Vows To Challenge High Court Judgment On Appointment Of Ukwe Takum




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By Sani Yarima 

The Kuteb Yatso of Nigeria has described the appointment of Ukwe Takum by the Taraba State Government as a First-class Chief as illegal and unacceptable to the Kutebs nation. 

Mr. Emmanuel Ukwen, the President of the association, made this position clear during a press conference held in Jalingo on Tuesday.

Their decision was followed by a judgment ruled by the Taraba State High Court that struck out a case they filed challenging the decision of the State Government to make the stool of Ukwe Takum rotational among other tribes.

They rejected the state high court ruling and the presentation of the Staff of Office to Barr. Sopiya Gboshi as Ukwe Takum by Governor Agbu Kefas. 

The Kuteb Yatso vowed to challenge the lower court decision at the appeal court.

According to Mr. Emmanuel Ukwen, the Kuteb people will never recognize the appointed Ukwe by the state government, stating that the stool has belonged to the Kutebs since 1912. 

“The judgment did not come to us as a surprise because we knew they would do what they did. 

They are the ones who are controlling the court, they have a Chief Judge, and the Commissioner of Justice, and Kefas is the Governor of the state, so, he has played a good boy, he did what he did, but we will follow the case up to the Supreme Court,” Ukwen emphasized.

He noted that traditional titles are not appointed by the government but by the kingmakers, and their Ukwe Takum, Rimamnya Ahmadu, has been selected by the kingmakers, and all the traditional processes have been done on him.

Therefore, he remains their King whom they have recognized as Ukwe Takum.

“For us as Kuteb, we will never recognize Barr. Sopiya Gboshi as the first-class chief of Takum because (Ukwe), as the tradition defines, is the only first-class chief of Takum,” Ukwen added.

Furthermore, the President urged the entire Kuteb people to remain resolute, as they have already instructed their legal counsel to file an appeal against the judgment. 

Additionally, Mr. Emmanuel Ukwen called on the Kuteb people to remain resolute and law-abiding as they have directed their legal counsel to file an appeal against the judgment.

However, while addressing newsmen at his Legal Chamber in Jalingo, Counsel to the Kuteb Yatso of Nigeria, Barr. Festus Idepefo, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN stated that his client has rejected the judgment of the Taraba State High Court which dismissed the suit brought before it by the Kuteb Yatso and mandated him to appeal the judgment at the appellate court, describing the installation of the new Ukwe as illegal

Recall that some months back, the Taraba state House of Assembly passed into law a bill for the rotation of the first-class stool which was originally occupied by the Kuteb.

The rotation involves the Chamba, Jukun, and Kuteb.

Also recall that on Monday day 13th March, 2024, Governor Agbu Kefas had sworn in and presented the Staff of office to Barr. Sopiya Gboshi as the first-class chief of Takum and two others as third-class chiefs in the state. 

The event took place at the Exco chamber of the Government House Jalingo at about 9 pm. 

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