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Pero Community Laments Antics Of Divide and Rule by Mai Of Kaltungo



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The natives of the Pero Community in the Shongom local government area of Gombe State have accused the Mai of Kaltungo chiefdom, Saleh Muhammed of using divide and rule tactics to disunite the Pero people who are under his chiefdom to continue ruling over them.

Some Natives of the Community who spoke to Journalists in a telephone interview, expressed dissatisfaction with the leadership style of Mai of Kaltungo after he vehemently refused to approve the proposed launching of the Pero people’s cultural attire without any cogent reason.

Mr. Godfrey Jarama, chairman of the planning Committee for the launching of the Pero cultural attire, said that the pero Communities comprising Filiya, Gwandum, and Gundali have had several meetings and have unanimously adopted and printed a material to serve as a cultural attire for the Pero people.

According to him, the Mai of Kaltungo, Saleh Muhammed kicked against the idea because the people of Gundali are not Pero as such they cannot be part of the Pero cultural attire plans.

“We have followed due process to see that we launch this cultural attire so that we can further unite our people, so, we sent a delegation to inform and invite the Mai of Kaltungo for the planned program as our royal Father but to our greatest dismay, he vehemently kicked against the program and threaten to involve the police if we go ahead with the planned program.

“However, we decided to have a meeting with the traditional heads of Filiya, Gwandum, and Gundali to register our disappointment over the action of the Mai of Kaltungo for withholding his blessings for the planned launching of the cultural attire, also, to our dismay the community heads also withdrew the support for the program after initially given us the go-ahead to proceed with the preparation for the launching.

” One of the community heads whose palace was scheduled as the venue for the program, categorically told us that we can no longer use the venue, stating that since the Mai of Kaltungo refused to approve the program they will no longer support it.

“Although, one of the reasons the Mai gave as to why he refused to approve the program was that the Pero people are not united, stating that Filiya and Gwandum are constantly fighting, and Gundali people are not part of the Pero people, so, how can they have a unique cultural attire together and that the Yuru Association launching the cultural attire is not dully registered with Corporate Affairs Commission.

“We have argued that cultural attire will serve as a unifying factor that will unite the Pero people together just as it is obtainable in Jukun, Tiv, and Wurukun People they all have their unique cultural attires, why should the Pero people not have theirs?

“Moreso, this idea of launching a unique cultural attire has been unanimously accepted and applauded by all the Pero Communities and it was celebrated by all, only for the Mai of Kaltungo to kick against the whole idea.

“Similarly, the platform that the project is being launched under i.e the Yuru Association in various states of Nigeria and the Filiya Development Association are all legal entities registered with the states government where they operate and also registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission respectively, and they have the backing of the traditional heads of these Communities, so we see no reason why the Mai of Kaltungo, Saleh Muhammed will withhold his blessings, we are highly disappointed”. He narrated.

Also, Miss. Haja Zelani, a native of the Filiya Community and a member of the planning committee for the launching of the Pero cultural attire said the action of the Mai of Kaltungo, Saleh Muhammed is not a surprise to her, alleging that he had never wanted the Pero people to be united so he can continue to rule over their land.

” I do not doubt that the ‘Mai of Kaltungo’, Saleh Muhammed is threatened by the unity of the Pero people, because he knows that when the Pero people are United they will be given their chiefdom and that will make him lose rulership over us.

Recalled that when Honorable Fatima Binta Bello, former member Representing Kaltungo/Shongom Federal constituency made a case for Pero people to be given their chiefdom, the move didn’t go down well with the Mai of Kaltungo as he was seen visibly opposing the idea, so, I am not surprised. how can he even say the people of Gundali are not part of Pero? These are people who share the same cultural heritage and we have lived together for decades, and now he wants to instigate division among us we will not accept this”. She said.

On his part, one of the traditional heads of the Pero Community, District Head of Gwandum, Yahaya Haruna when contacted on why the traditional heads withdrew their support for the planned launch, said the Mai of Kaltungo, Saleh Muhammed is the leader of traditional rulers in the area as such they cannot go against his wish.

” I cannot speak on the reason why the Mai of Kaltungo kicked against the Launching of the attire because he didn’t tell us the reason and as our leader, we cannot go against his wish or disobey him, maybe we would have to reorganize ourselves to see him and explain more to him the need for the launching, or maybe the delegation that met with him didn’t convince him enough or the approach they used were not appealing enough but whatever is the case, I will suggest we give the Mai of Kaltungo more time to understand the importance of the launching”. He said.

All efforts to speak with the Mai of Kaltungo, Saleh Muhammed, or his spokesperson proved abortive as their phones were out of reach at the time of filling this story.

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Ending Ukwe’s Stool Tussle: A Milestone To Our Govt- Hon. Zainab




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By Sani Yarima 

The appointment and bestowal of the Staff of Office upon the new Ukwe Takum, His Royal Majesty, Barrister Sopiya Ahmadu Gboshi, has been characterized as a momentous occasion in Governor Agbu Kefas’s administration of Taraba State. 

The state’s Commissioner of Information and Reorientation, Hon. Zainab Usman Jalingo, articulated this perspective during a live telephone interview through 90.6 FM’s Hausa radio program, “Hantsi Leka Gidan Kowa,” on TSBS, which was monitored by our correspondent in Jalingo.

She described the event that marked the conclusion of over twenty-eight (28) years of chieftaincy conflict in the Takum local government area of the state as commendable.

According to the Taraba State Government’s spokesperson, Zainab Jalingo, the new Chief is an experienced legal professional with outstanding leadership attributes and well-equipped for governance.

When questioned about the unorthodox timing of the ceremony, she elucidated that the government possesses the prerogative to select the timing and venue for its activities. 

Furthermore, she underscored that the presentation of the Staff of the Office was a government function, and the state government had deemed it appropriate to conduct the event in the evening.

Additionally, Hon. Zainab Jalingo entreated the residents of Takum to uphold the law and demonstrate respect for constituted authorities, underscoring the significance of peaceful coexistence for the advancement of the community and the state at large.

In conclusion, the Commissioner reaffirmed Governor Agbu Kefas’s commitment to ensuring the transformation of the state through his Moving Forward Agenda.

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How Gov Kefas Presented Staff Of Office To Barr. Gboshi As Ukwe Takum




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By Sani Yarima 

Dr. Agbu Kefas, the Governor of Taraba State, recently swore in and presented a staff of office to the first-class chief of Takum, Barrister Sopiya Gboshi. 

The ceremony took place at the Exco chamber, Government House, Jalingo, on Monday, alongside two other third-class chiefs. 

During the event, the Governor expressed his hope that this new development would usher in the dawn of a new era in Takum, as the vacant throne of Takum had been a symbol of division and uncertainty for nearly three decades. 

The Governor emphasized the need for inclusivity and fairness in providing good governance and explained that his administration had established three third-class thrones in Takum, each representing the ruling houses of the: Kpanzo, Kuteb, and Chamba, as well as a rotational Chief of Takum. 

Dr. Kefas urged the people to embrace the principles of reconciliation, forgiveness, and inclusivity. 

The First-Class Chief of Takum, HRH Barr. Sopiya Ahmadu Gboshi thanked the Governor for the bold step in resolving the Chieftaincy dispute of Takum and pledged to justify the confidence reposed in him. 

The Third Class Chiefs; Tsohon Takum, HRH Ephraim Bala, and the Kur Garbabi Chiefdom, HRH Suleiman Umar Salihu, were also presented with the staff of the office. 

Justice Filibus Agya, the Taraba State Chief Judge, administered the oath of office and that of allegiance to the Royal Fathers.

Additionally, two third-class chiefs from Takum and Garbabi in the Gashaka local government area of the state were presented with the staff of the office.

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Kuteb Yatso Vows To Challenge High Court Judgment On Appointment Of Ukwe Takum




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By Sani Yarima 

The Kuteb Yatso of Nigeria has described the appointment of Ukwe Takum by the Taraba State Government as a First-class Chief as illegal and unacceptable to the Kutebs nation. 

Mr. Emmanuel Ukwen, the President of the association, made this position clear during a press conference held in Jalingo on Tuesday.

Their decision was followed by a judgment ruled by the Taraba State High Court that struck out a case they filed challenging the decision of the State Government to make the stool of Ukwe Takum rotational among other tribes.

They rejected the state high court ruling and the presentation of the Staff of Office to Barr. Sopiya Gboshi as Ukwe Takum by Governor Agbu Kefas. 

The Kuteb Yatso vowed to challenge the lower court decision at the appeal court.

According to Mr. Emmanuel Ukwen, the Kuteb people will never recognize the appointed Ukwe by the state government, stating that the stool has belonged to the Kutebs since 1912. 

“The judgment did not come to us as a surprise because we knew they would do what they did. 

They are the ones who are controlling the court, they have a Chief Judge, and the Commissioner of Justice, and Kefas is the Governor of the state, so, he has played a good boy, he did what he did, but we will follow the case up to the Supreme Court,” Ukwen emphasized.

He noted that traditional titles are not appointed by the government but by the kingmakers, and their Ukwe Takum, Rimamnya Ahmadu, has been selected by the kingmakers, and all the traditional processes have been done on him.

Therefore, he remains their King whom they have recognized as Ukwe Takum.

“For us as Kuteb, we will never recognize Barr. Sopiya Gboshi as the first-class chief of Takum because (Ukwe), as the tradition defines, is the only first-class chief of Takum,” Ukwen added.

Furthermore, the President urged the entire Kuteb people to remain resolute, as they have already instructed their legal counsel to file an appeal against the judgment. 

Additionally, Mr. Emmanuel Ukwen called on the Kuteb people to remain resolute and law-abiding as they have directed their legal counsel to file an appeal against the judgment.

However, while addressing newsmen at his Legal Chamber in Jalingo, Counsel to the Kuteb Yatso of Nigeria, Barr. Festus Idepefo, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN stated that his client has rejected the judgment of the Taraba State High Court which dismissed the suit brought before it by the Kuteb Yatso and mandated him to appeal the judgment at the appellate court, describing the installation of the new Ukwe as illegal

Recall that some months back, the Taraba state House of Assembly passed into law a bill for the rotation of the first-class stool which was originally occupied by the Kuteb.

The rotation involves the Chamba, Jukun, and Kuteb.

Also recall that on Monday day 13th March, 2024, Governor Agbu Kefas had sworn in and presented the Staff of office to Barr. Sopiya Gboshi as the first-class chief of Takum and two others as third-class chiefs in the state. 

The event took place at the Exco chamber of the Government House Jalingo at about 9 pm. 

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