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IPC Decries Detention, Harassment Of 2 Journalists In Bauchi



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The International Press Centre (IPC), Lagos-Nigeria, has condemned in strong terms the harassment and molestation of Mr. Haruna Mohammed, the publisher of WikkiTimes online newspaper, and one of the reporters, Mr. Idris Kamal, by the Police in Bauchi, Bauchi State, North-East Nigeria.

This is contained in a statement signed by the Executive Director of IPC, Mr. Lanre Arogundade, and made available to newsmen through the Communications Officer, IPC, Toyin Ayoade.

The statement reads in parts:

The ordeal of the two journalists began on Monday, June 27, 2022, when they honored an invitation from the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID) following a petition by Mr. Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi, a member of the House of Representatives representing Bauchi Federal Constituency concerning a Wikki Times report of May 18, 2022, on the sudden death of Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Bauchi Local Government Area of the State.

According to the statement, the journalists arrived at the station at about 10 am on Monday but after making a statement they were clamped into a cell where they alleged that they were physically assaulted.

Despite the presence of their Lawyer at the Police Station, they were not set free until about 10 hours later and asked to report back on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, for further interrogation.

The two journalists again reported at the SCIID Bauchi on Tuesday as directed but were promptly taken before a Bauchi Magistrates Court where they were charged with criminal conspiracy, defamation of character, and cyber stalking.

The court ruled that they should be held in custody until tomorrow, Wednesday, June 29, 2022.

IPC is worried about this trend of events and called on the Bauchi State Police Command to avoid being used as a tool of harassment against journalists.

“ Since the petitioner alleged defamation, the Police should have in the first instance advised him to seek legal redress instead of illegally detaining the journalists for 10 hours on Monday, June 27, 2022, and subjecting them to physical and mental harassment in the process”, Mr. Lanre Arogundade said.

He added that it now behooves the Police authorities in the State to ensure the safety of Mohammed and Kamal.

Mr. Arogundade said journalists should not continue to be treated as endangered species in Nigeria.

He noted that in all circumstances the security agencies must always strive to toe the path of the rule of law in handling complaints or petitions against journalists and other media professionals, just as they should normally do for all citizens. The statement closed.

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Atiku, Obi And The Big Lie.




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By Saad Umar Esq.

The big lie is an invention of Adolf Hitler. It is “a deliberate gross distortion of the truth used especially as a propaganda tactic” as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Currently, the big lie is used in America to mean the false claim by Donald Trump, that the 2020 United States presidential election was rigged and stolen from him, in his efforts to overturn the election.

Now, what is the big lie in the 2023 presidential election? It is the false claim by both Atiku and Obi that the election was fraudulently won by Tinubu and that the election was rigged and stolen from them. Like Trump, they want the results of the election cancelled.

In a press conference, after INEC declared Tinubu winner, Obi falsely claimed he ‘won’ the election and will go to the courts to prove that. Well, good luck. But even Atiku thought Obi was delusional or lying. He didn’t win. Atiku has since counselled Obi to not waste his precious time in the courts because he didn’t win and wouldn’t meet the constitutional threshold of at least a quarter of the votes cast in two-thirds of the states of the federation.

Adams Oshiomole, Edo north senator-elect mocked this confusion in the ranks of the disparate opposition by saying either Atiku or Obi lied. Actually, both lied and they know it. None of them won. They both lost in the most credible, fairest and freest election Nigeria ever had.

This election was the best. And anyone not interested in the deliberate distortion of the truth of the 2023 presidential election knows that and believes same, regardless of the small lie by Atiku that the election was the “worst in our history”. Or was it? No. Certainly, not worse than the 2003 and 2007 elections conducted by the Atiku/Obasanjo PDP government.

But why did Atiku and Obi decided to engage in the big lie? They are sore losers. They want to destroy our democracy; they want to destroy our country.

And, because big lie works. This is attested to by psychologists and psychiatrists such as Ramani Durvasula, a professor of psychology and professor Brand X Lee, an American psychiatrist. To be sure, the big lie works with catastrophic consequences. Here are few examples.

Remember, the big lie is an invention of Hitler. He used it to justify the Holocaust where millions of Jews were reportedly murdered.

Besides, there was Trump’s big lie. Trump, like Atiku and Obi, knew he lost the election but falsely claimed that the election was fraudulent, rigged and stolen from him by Biden and the Democrats. This big lie led to the treasonous and terrorists January 6 attack on the United States Capitol. The riotous mob nearly stopped the lawful democratic transfer of power from Trump to Biden. And many people lost their lives and limbs.

These two examples clearly show the consequences of the big lie – death, destruction, chaos and war. Is that what Atiku and Obi want for our dear country?
Atiku and Obi claim to be democrats. If indeed they are, they must not be seen in the company of Trump and Hitler. Company of facist and autocrat – the worst company since the beginning of creation.

Therefore, Atiku and Obi must stop the big lie. The consequences will be dire. This election was free, fair and credible. Tinubu won and they lost. How could Atiku and Obi win when they divided their house. Isn’t it the gospel truth that a house divided against itself cannot stand?

Saad, a lawyer, is the Deputy Chairman of APC Publicity Committee, Bauchi State and former Director-General of BASEPA.

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Best Wishes To Catalyst Of Growth




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A person I know says, children are angels on earth, that they only attract angelic energy, I agree, having witnessed how Dr. Kefas John Bwala held the enormous responsibility of being the DCMAC Training and Research, ATBUTH Bauchi, and nurtured the hospital while tending to our babies needing medical care as a consultant pediatric surgeon.

This is to appreciate and congratulate Dr. Kefas on the completion of two fruitful tenures that recorded so much growth, tenures I know would’ve been extended if there was the possibility of doing so because of how well he served especially in the area of research and training. He engaged in the training of Resident Doctors and Medical Students as well as Perioperative Nurses as he continued to advance children surgical care through collaborative research work in Nigeria and beyond. He is a volunteer Surgeon in Nigeria and many African countries.

One of the most memorable features of Dr. Kefas is his smile, that he so graciously gives to all, distant and close. His simplicity and humility is something we can all learn from, He carries everybody along without bias, and treat with respect, even the most junior employee.

He gives one a boost of energy each time one accomplishes something. Sir, those compliments go straight to our hearts, and oil our brains to think sharper, and to do more.

Thank you for being an exemplary leader and teacher, we are truly honored to have a diligent and dedicated professional like you around, from whom we learn and grow every day, we wish you God’s favor and guidance as you continue to save lives and help nurture this hospital in another capacity.

Public Relations Unit
ATBUTH Bauchi.

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President-Elect, And Citizens Expectation




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By Usman Muhammad Salihu

Nigeria as a country is bedeviled with so many challenges and problems ranging from Insecurity, Inflation which cause high cost of living and the recent introduction of cashless policy aimed at boosting the economy of the country but somehow causing life more difficult especially to the masses among other contributing factors.
Insecurity, especially the issue of Boko Haram militants (in the North East and some parts of north West and north Central) where almost on daily basis bomb blast occurred, hundreds of people killed and taken of thousands into captivity among others were the major factors that force many Nigerians to preach the gospel of change in the year 2015 which after the then general election produces the incumbent president Muhammadu Buhari.

As time went on, Muhammadu Buhari’s administration did quite impressive performance in curtailing the menace of Boko Haram but yet, the rising of another phenomenon which is banditry.

Bandit came as a result of famers-herders crisis which later escalated to another phenomenon currently causing serious and harmful effects to our economic, political and social development.

These bandits were known to be riding into villages on motorcycles inorder to loot, rape and kidnap the inhabitants of such villages as well as killing anyone who resists.

Kidnapping nowadays has become a very lucrative venture especially in northwestern Nigeria. Between 2011 when the problem started to 2022, Nigerians paid millions of naira to free family members, friends, relatives and in most cases, village inhabitants has to forcefully made by these bandits to pay a certain amount to them inorder for the inhabitants to stay in their villages and carryout their day-to-day activities.

Moreso, the issue of educational sector revamping, the ASUU’s eight months strike is still afresh in the minds of fellow Nigerians especially students. Without revamping this sector, the future of our youths is at stake as the saying goes, to kill a nation is to deny it education.

On the economy of the state, is there any nation that exists without economy? The administration to come, must have to do the needful to avoid the policies that may crippled the country’s economic sector, and this can only be done through forming of a committee of economic experts who will be advising the government and leading the economic development aspect of the country.

Judicial system has to be allowed to carryout it’s full function without hindrance or interference of the government. This will paved way for the sector to maintain it’s full function and possibly speedy arraignments and passing judgements effectively, and aside that, helps the government in the fight against corruption.

To whom much is given, much is also expected. The 2023 general election is one of its kind where the issue of vote buying drastically reduced to a minimal level. This is saying that Nigerians voted the President-elect based on their expectations of him hence be ready to face the numerous problems of the citizens and finding out there solutions.

We pray that the president-elect’s campaign slogan ‘RENEWED HOPE’ will indeed renew the already lost hope of Nigerians.

Usman Muhammad Salihu writes from Mass Communication Department, Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic, Bauchi, Bauchi state.
He can be reached via

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