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The Man Du Barkam And His Giant Strides, Part One: Three years of Gov Fintiri



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I find it imperative to celebrate and salute an ICON who has greatly touched the lives of his people and archived a lot in the three years of his stewardship as the Executive Governor of Adamawa State.

His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, is variously described as the ATM GOVERNOR, FRESH AIR GOVERNOR, FLYOVER GOVERNOR, HASKEN TOUNGO and PROJECT MASTER. These names have been earned as a result of his keen sense of direction, dogged diligence, astute political prowess and his passionate determination to move Adamawa State forward.

I am an avowed fan of Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Fintiri whom I fondly refer to as DU BARKAM; a Marghi salutation expressing high regard, respect or honour to a deserving personality. He has been my role model since 2014 when he briefly served as the Acting Governor of Adamawa State for only seventy-two days. I find his style of leadership, charisma and courage charming.

During the seventy-two days of his stay at the Dougirei Government House Yola, DU BARKAM demonstrated unfettered kindness and generosity to the good people of Adamawa State. This earned him the name ATM Governor. I recall, with excitement, how civil servants thronged ATM machines to claim their two months’ salary arrears which had been cleared by DU BARKAM. Within the same period, he embarked on several viable and notable projects within the State that if allowed to continue, Adamawa would be transformed to a mini London.

The seventy-two days as the Acting Governor in 2014 were spent wisely with landmark dividends of democracy delivered to the masses. As a result, he became famous, popular and endeared to all and sundry in the State. Obviously, that was what gave him the edge to defeat the incumbent, Governor Umaru Jibrilla Bindow in the 2019 governorship election.

When His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Umaru Fintiri, assumed leadership as the duly elected Executive Governor of Adamawa State on 29th May, 2019, he came well equipped with progressive ideas and plans to transform the State in what he termed the “11 POINT AGENDA”. Despite the humongous amount of debt, he inherited from his predecessor, DU BARKAM was not deterred.

He has worked assiduously, selflessly and relentlessly without being distracted from his focus, as defined in his 11-point agenda. In just three years, all the points in the agenda have been satisfactorily delivered; nothing is left untouched. In order words, DU BARKAM has fulfilled all his campaign promises in just less than three years. Worthy of note is that although his government did not benefit from the financial aids which the previous governments had enjoyed like Paris Club refund, Bailout and Excess Crude-oil, prudent DU BARKAM has done what others could not achieve in eight years.

Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has demonstrated that he is a grassroots politician with his people at heart. He has done what has never been done in the history of Adamawa State by appointing PDP Local Government Chairmen as Transition Committee Chairpersons of the Local Government Councils for six months. Another thing that I will commend DU BARKAM for is the youth inclusiveness in his government.

Youth constitute 55 – 60% of his appointments of which I am also a beneficiary. Strikingly, all the appointments in this government are based on merit.
DU BARKAM has wielded a magic wand in tackling the monstrous insecurity in the state within his first 90 days in office.

You may recall that the issue of insecurity was a towering challenge in the past government which seemed unsurmountable. To confront the menace of insecurity, the present government has collaborated with the security agencies to combat criminal elements in the state, especially at the Numan Federation and the Benue valley where farmers – herders were at daggers’ drawn. Similarly, Garkida, Hong, Michika and Madagali which were known to be attacked by the Boko Haram insurgents are now secured from the insurgents.

Kidnapping which was becoming a consistent nightmare in the previous government has now been tackled completely. He has also silenced the noisome operations of the notorious gang known as Shila Boys through the Operation Farauta. In order to gainfully engage the youths, the administration has carved various social intervention programs.
Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri being the man with his people at heart, has really made us proud by delivering dividends of democracy in just less than three years.

According to Tabiyatiya Kingtabs Daniel in his article titled “2023: Opposition members littering Governor Fintiri trademark projects” which was posted on his official Facebook page on the 9th May, 2022 described Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri as “the closest to former Governor Boni Haruna in providing dividends of democracy”.

I strongly agree with Tabiyatiya’s submission because right from inception of Fintiri’s administration in May, 2019, he has initiated and executed viable, noticeable and gainful project which cut across all sectors in all the 21 local government areas of the State. I would like to highlight a few here:
In the educational sector, DU BARKAM has hiked the standard of education in the state by re –introducing the free WAEC/NECO to students of secondary schools which was neglected by his predecessors. It can be recalled that it was only Governor Boni Haruna, among the former governors, that gave attention to that during his regime spanning from 1999 – 2007.

Also, Governor Fintiri constructed and renovated some schools across the state and recruited trained and qualified teachers. It is on record that for the past 13 years (beginning from 2008 to 2022), not a single primary school teacher has been promoted. Consequently, teachers in the state were not motivated while they contributed greatly to national development. In his stride to motivate them, he approved all their outstanding promotions.

In the same vein, over 24,000 students of Adamawa State origin studying in various tertiary institutions across Nigeria are enjoying from the state scholarships program scheme while 120 were selected and given international scholarship; presently studying in India. Preparations are on the way to select 21 indigenes of the State in each Local Government Area to be trained as pilots by this administration. These are laudable strides!

Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has changed the ugly narrative of the deteriorating health sector in the State which has placed him above all his predecessors. DU BARKAM has constructed and equipped four cottage hospitals at Shelleng, Girei, Lamurde and Gombi Local Government Areas. At the same time, he has also renovated and upgraded primary and secondary healthcare facilities at Fufore, Numan, Ganye, Song and Mubi.

The governor has also accented to the Bill passed by the Adamawa State House of Assembly for the creation of the Adamawa State Health Insurance Scheme which I perceive as a welcome development in the State. Now, children under 5years, pregnant women, 55years old and above men and women including people with disabilities have access to free healthcare services delivery in the State. Shortage of manpower in the health sector has also been resolved by employing qualified professionals.

In this present administration, healthcare facilities operate 24/7 with adequate trained and qualified health workers attending to patients.

Under the stewardship of DU BARKAM, people of Adamawa State have witnessed a tremendous infrastructural development, earning him the name Project Master. Over 300 roads have been constructed in all the 21 Local Government Areas in the State with Yola North having the highest number of roads. The Governor has changed the face of the State capital with the two magnificent edifices: the first multi-billion-naira interchange fly over bridges in the Northeast- these have beautified the state capital.

Similarly, Toungo was the only Local Government Area in Nigeria without connection to the national grid. Thankfully, DU BARKAM has connected Toungo to the national grid; an action which earned him the name “Hasken Toungo” meaning the “Light of Toungo”. The construction of rural roads for farmers to transport their farm produce to the market is another thing that deserves commendation.

Salaries, pension, gratuity and other benefits of civil servants are now paid on time since the inception of this government. The Governor does not toy with matters that relate to the civil servants. Therefore, he makes sure that they benefit from all their entitlements. Apart from giving civil servants in the State their due, DU BARKAM has constructed 1,000 housing units for civil servants at Malkohi, in order to improve their lives even after retirement.

In the socio-economic sphere also, the fingerprints of DU BARKAM are marked. He felt that youth and women are the backbone of this government. This influenced his decision to establish Adamawa State Poverty and Wealth Creation Agency (PAWECA) to empower youth and women with skills in the State so as to fight poverty. About 21,000 youth and women across the State are enrolled into the social empowerment program of His Excellency from which they draw monthly stipends ranging from N10,000 to N20,000. In the same vein, quite a reasonable number of youths have been appointed as Senior Special Assistants(SSAs) and Special Assistants (SAs) to the Governor, as a way of enhancing their economic fortunes and grooming them for leadership.

Undoubtedly, Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is not only an achiever but also a legend who has FINTIRISED the State to a greater height. Just within three years, he has written his name boldly in gold by doing what others could not do in eight years. What do we expect if he is given another opportunity? It is said that one good term deserves another. Indeed, DU BARKAM deserves another term! He has performed wonderfully on his scorecard. We want more progress, achievements and development in Adamawa State. Therefore, I appeal that we give him another chance by supporting the FINTIRI AGAIN MOVEMENT!

Adm. (Hon.) Madanga Banga Martin, MCIA, MPA (in view)
Yola Central State Development Area Administrator
+234 (0) 803 8307 7606

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Dan Jarma Adamawa, Mustapha Visits Kwankwaso, Abba, Solicits For Reinstatement Of Sunusi As Emir Of Kano




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The Northern part of Nigeria is known for its rich history, culture, and traditional institutions, which have been preserved over the years. One of such traditional institutions is the Emir of Kano, a prominent figure who has played a significant role in the socio-economic development of the region.

The Lamido Sanusi was the Emir of Kano until his dethronement in 2020. His dethronement sent shockwaves across the country, with many people expressing their dissatisfaction with the decision.

The Dan Jarma Adamawa, Barr. Dr. Mustapha A Tahir, Thursday paid a visited to the 2023 NNPP Presidential Candidate and National Leader, HE Engr. Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, alongside the party’s 2023 Gubernatorial Candidate Abba Kabir Yusuf in Kano State. During the visit, the reinstatement of Lamido Sanusi as Kano emir was discussed, should Abba Yusuf emerged as the winner of the gubernatorial election.

The Lamido Sanusi is a respected figure in the North, and his dethronement caused a lot of disquiet in the region. The visit by Dan Jarma Adamawa is a testament to the fact that many people in the North need him back as the Emir of Kano.

Barr. Mustapha Tahir describes Lamido Sanusi as an elder statesman, mentor, role model, and symbol of light to the entire North. He emphasized the Emir is a financial expert who understands the economy and will tackle everything under one emirate. Tahir reiterated that Sanusi’s financial expertise would ensure that the economy remains stable, and everyone benefits under a single emirate.

Eulogizing the Emir, Lamido Sanusi is widely regarded as a reformist who has advocated for transparency, accountability, and good governance in the Nigerian public sector. During his tenure as the Governor of the CBN, he introduced several reforms aimed at improving the efficiency of the financial system and curbing corruption.

Sanusi is a highly intellectual person and has authored several books and articles on finance, economics, and Islamic law. He is also known for his critical thinking and insightful analysis of complex issues.He is also a philanthropist who has supported several charitable causes in Nigeria and beyond. He has been involved in initiatives aimed at improving education, health, and social welfare in his community.

Sanusi is known for his courage and outspokenness, even in the face of criticism and opposition. He has been a vocal critic of the Nigerian government and has spoken out against corruption, terrorism, and other social issues affecting the country.

International recognition: Sanusi has received several international awards and recognition for his contributions to finance, economics, and public service. He was named the Central Bank Governor of the Year for Africa by The Banker magazine in 2011 and was also listed among the 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time magazine in 2011.

Overall, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is a highly respected figure in Nigeria and beyond, known for his expertise, reformist views, intellectualism, philanthropy, courage, and international recognition

Barr. Mustapha Tahir is of the opinion that Lamido Sanusi is happy, peaceful, contented, and not interested in coming back as Kano emir. However, many organizations and the silent majority feel the impact of his absence, and they want him back. Mustapha Tahir expressed optimism that Abba Yusuf would emerge victorious in the gubernatorial and state house of assembly elections, and Lamido Sunusi would be reinstated.

On the issue of job losses resulting from the dismantling of the four other emirate councils, Mustapha Tahir reiterated that Sanusi’s financial expertise would ensure that the economy remains stable, and everyone benefits under a single emirate. Sanusi is a financial expert who understands the economy and will tackle everything under one emirate.The idea of having one emirate is not a new concept, as it has been done in other parts of the world, and it has worked, Tahir said.

As a show of support, Mustapha Tahir donated, funds, two cars, textiles and food items to help Abba Kabir Yusuf’s election campaign as Governor of Kano State. The support from Dan Jarma Adamawa, Dr. Mustapha Tahir, strengthens Abba Kabir Yusuf’s campaign, as he seeks to become the next Governor of Kano State.

Mustapha Tahir expressed confidence that Abba Yusuf would emerge victorious at the gubernatorial and state house of assembly elections and that Lamido Sanusi would be reinstated. He added that after Lamido Sanusi left Kano he became the Khalifa Tijjaniya Nigeria and World President Tabital Pulaku International (Hoorejo Fulbe Duniyaru). He was also made the Chancellor of Kaduna and Ekiti States Universities stressing that all these are not unconnected to his worth and intellectual prowess.

Mustapha finally called on the government to obey court order and restore Sanusi his full right including the throne, saying the court has faulted the process of his removal, thus, statusqua be maintained.

The visit by Dan Jarma Adamawa Mustapha and Abba Kabir Yusuf to HE Engr. Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, the 2023 NNPP Presidential Candidate and National Leader, highlights the ongoing debate about the role of traditional rulers in Nigeria’s political system.


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Chairman State Assembly Speakers Forum Congratulates His Deputy Oborevwori For Winning Delta Guber Election




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The Chairman of the Conference of Speakers of State Legislatures of Nigeria and Speaker Bauchi State House of Assembly congratulates the Speaker of Delta State House of Assembly and Deputy Chairman of the Conference of Speakers Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori for winning the just concluded governorship election in Delta State.

This was contain in a sign statement by the Spokesperson of the speaker Abdul Ahmad Burra and made available to Sahel reporters on Monday.

The Chairman states that he is overjoyed upon hearing the good news of the well deserved victory of Rt. Hon. Sheriff who he described as a colleague, friend and ally.

He said that he is not surprised by Sheriff’s victory considering his track record and antecedent as sagacious grassroot politician, veteran lawmaker and master of the art governance and politics.

“I commend the good people of Delta State for entrusting our friend Rt. Hon. Sheriff and I am very sure they won’t regret it. I work very closely with Sheriff as my deputy at the Conference of Speakers and I always looked toward him for ideas and inputs because of his experience, patriotism and vast knowledge which translated into the huge success we recorded thus far.

“We share common patriotic and developmental vision on how to bring development, prosperity and unity in our individual states and the Country at large.” He said.

The Chairman who attributes the political ascendancy and victory of Sheriff to his loyalty, patriotism and godliness, said that he and Governor Ifeanyi Okowa have put Delta State on the pedestal of development and greatness through positive executive-legislature synergy.

While praying Almighty God to guide and protect him, he hopes that Sheriff will build on the legacies of his boss and leader, Governor Okowa so as to move Delta State to greater and envious height.

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INEC Declares Gov Bala Winner Of Saturday’s Election




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By Sani Adamu Hassan

The People’s Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate in Bauchi State, Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir, has been declared the winner of the state governorship election held on Saturday.

Announcing the result of the election today in Bauchi, the Reurning Officer, Prof. Abdulkarim Sabo Mohammed said Bala Abdulkadir Muhammad of the PDP polled 525,280 votes to defeat thirteen other contestants.

His closest opponent, of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Air Marshal Sadiq Baba Abubakar retired secured 432,272 votes.

Declaring Bala Mohammed winner, Prof. Abdulkarim said the PDP candidate has garnered the highest number of total votes cast and secured the minimum number of votes required in each of the 20 Local Government Areas of the state.

Bauchi Election Result,
Bala Muhammad won 15 out of 20 local governments while his close contenders Sadiq Baba Abubakar of the All Progressive Congress won in 5 Local Governments.

With the official announcement of the result, Bala Mohammed has been declared governor-elect, with Mohammed Auwal, as his deputy.

Bauchi has a total number of 2,749,268 registered voters, and a total of 1,058, 381 voters were accredited for the election.

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