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ABBA GIREI: Race To Green Chamber Amidst Risen Popularity



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By Isah Ali Yola

As the saying goes, all politics is local and so the philosophy of Abba Girei, a business mogul turned politician as part of his penchant to serving his people and to represent their interest at the National Assembly.

Meeting Abba Girei for the time, one is welcomed by his solitude of calmness, simplicity and his down to earth character that defines his modest life despite his social status.

His political sojourn which began more than a decade ago has exposed him to the needs and aspiration of the common man, which propelled him not to relent in serving the people.

As 2023 General election, gathers momentum, Abba Girei has also made up his mind to represent the people of Yola North, Yola South and Girei Federal constituency at the green chamber.

His re-emergence in the political scene of Adamawa has no doubt taken many by surprise, many are perplexed and had wanted to give up the race owing to Abba’s acceptability in the minds of the electorates.

No doubt Abba’s humanitarian outreach; youth and women empowerment among others are enough to break any once silence, let alone his political capacity and popularity which continues to spread like a wild fire.

Political pundits in the state opined that PDP will have a smooth ride to victory when it have Abba Girei as a flagbearer, while describing him as a great political mobilizer and a grassroot politician.

You may or may not like Abba, but the reality on ground don’t need divine revelation to attest to his political prowess, therefore the race for the constituency needs a man who knows the job, being there, done that .

Prior to his declaration, Abba Girei was embarking on free medical outreach and empowerment, which include distribution of delivery kits to women across Adamawa, as well as distribution of cars motorcycles as a source of empowerment.

If Abba can do this without power, what happens if he is duely elected to represent the people?

This and many other questions arose the mind of many observers like us who are loosing trust for politicians, but Abba’s dynamics and approach to politics is rescinding my ealier decision thought .

In the court of public opinion Abba Girei is winning, his unmatched popularity is gathering more friends and goodwill to the Fintiri led administration, if not for anything he’s complimenting the good works and policies of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri whom he hold with high esteem.

For now the People’s Democratic Party in Adamawa has big choices to make …….to either conduct free and fair primaries or do other wise to plunge the party into an irremediable state that could lead to its final COLAPSE, if the likes of Abba are not given fair play in the ballot contest.

Isah Ali Writes From Yola.

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Hon. Gidado Of ADC, Laud Gov Kefas Over Payments Of Gratuity, Revival Of Festival 




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By Sarah Manya

Hon. Abdulrazaq Gidado (JAWAR), the candidate for the last Jalingo, Yerro, and Zing Federal Constituency by-election under the African Democratic Congress (ADC) platform in Taraba State, has commended Governor Agbu Kefas for reviving the Nwonyo International Fishing Festival in the State. 

In a press statement released on Saturday via his Media Adviser, Sulaiman Sani, Gidado praised the governor’s commitment to promoting cultural heritage and improving the internally generated revenue of the state, exemplified by his recent inspection of the ongoing projects at the festival site.

Gidado also expressed appreciation for the recent approval of N1bn for the payment of gratuity to retired civil servants in the state, as well as a monthly allocation of N200m for its sustainability. 

He lauded Governor Kefas for ending the era of gratuity being owed in the state and pledged to continue ensuring good governance thrives by constructively criticizing where necessary.

Additionally, Hon. Abdulrazaq Gidado thanked Governor Agbu Kefas for the appointment of board chairmen and Special advisers in the state.

Lastly, he congratulated all appointees and wished them success in assisting the governor in achieving his Moving Forward Agenda.

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Dr Bunovolki, The Rising Political Figure Fit To Lead The Masses




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A Coalition of Adamawa Youth Movement under the leadership of Mr. Mohammed has observed that Dr Mourice Bunovolki is no doubt the rising political icon in the state fit to lead in the masses.

Mr Mohammed who revealed this to Sahel Reporter said their group will no doubt rally round Dr Bunovolki in whatever leadership position, he may contest in the future political contest.

He expressed confidence in Bunovolki’s capacity to address some of the obstacles bedeviling the people, considering his vast experience and knowledge in various sectors of human development.

The youth group, according to Mr Mohammed observed Dr Bunovolki’s competence, commitment, and dedication towards positive development of Adamawa State.

He explained that “Bunovolki has immensely contributed towards the development of the old Numan Federation and Adamawa State as a whole” hence the need to give him political office to do more.

He described Dr Bunovolki as a leader with vision and listening ears to all and therefore, getting him leadership position will benefit people tremendously.

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Feasibility Of Elections In Fostering Democracy In SADC




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By Favour Wali Ezra, Victorino De Almeida Gracia

Elections are widely regarded as a fundamental component in promoting democracy in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

However, the success of elections in advancing this objective is subject to several factors. One of the primary considerations is the level of impartiality and transparency in the electoral process. 

Free, fair, and credible elections must be held to ensure a peaceful transfer of power and reflect the public’s will in the administration.

Several SADC countries have raised concerns about electoral anomalies, such as voter intimidation and the lack of independence in electoral authorities.

These factors have the potential to undermine the integrity of the election results and weaken the public trust in the democratic process. 

Another crucial element in the efficiency of elections in promoting democracy is the level of political rivalry and participation. In some SADC countries, dominant ruling parties have retained power for extended periods, making it difficult for opposition parties to compete on an equal footing.

Additionally, voter turnout in some countries indicates a lack of engagement and trust in the election process.

The media and civil society’s role in monitoring and reporting on the election process is another critical factor to consider. Free and independent media can help hold the government and electoral institutions accountable by informing the public and raising awareness about potential anomalies or abuses during the election. 

Similarly, civil society organizations can play a significant role in increasing voter education, monitoring election results, and advocating for electoral reform.

Socioeconomic gaps and inequality in the SADC area can also limit marginalized groups’ ability to participate in elections and have their voices heard. 

Limited access to knowledge, information, and resources can make it challenging for vulnerable populations, including women, youth, and rural areas, to participate in the political process and make informed decisions.

Despite these limitations, there have been several encouraging examples of SADC elections successfully promoting democratic consolidation. 

For instance, South Africa’s 2019 elections were universally regarded as free and fair, resulting in a peaceful transfer of power and reinforcing the country’s commitment to democratic governance.

While elections can be a powerful tool for fostering democracy in the SADC region, their feasibility and effectiveness depend on several factors. 

These factors include the transparency and fairness of the electoral process, the level of political competition and participation, and the role of the media and civil society in promoting free and fair elections. 

It is also imperative to emphasize that elections alone cannot guarantee democracy. Other critical components include an independent judiciary, a free press, and respect for human rights.

To ensure that elections remain an effective tool for promoting democracy in the SADC region, it is crucial to safeguard democratic values and institutions continually. 

Efforts to reform electoral processes, promote openness and accountability, and empower marginalized people are critical to furthering democratic principles and creating political transformation in the region.

Written by:

Favour Wali Ezra  (

Africa University –Department of International Relations and Diplomacy, and Victorino De Almeida Garcia ( Africa University-Department of International Relations and Diplomacy. 

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