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Egocentric Politicians : Agents That Impede Nigeria’s Speedy Devts



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By Usman Abdullahi Koli

Nigeria which is a country located in Western coast of Africa is one of the products of British colonialism, it encompassed over 250 ethnic groups and endowed with abundant natural and human resources. The first capital territory was created by decree in 1976 and Lagos was the former capital city of Nigeria still retains its relevance as the most commercial city; Abuja is the present capital that was carved from Niger State.

Every state in Nigeria has one or more resources that make it unique, in the past Nigeria relied heavily on farming and mining for its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) but the discovery of crude oil by Shell-BP in 1956 brought about monopoly to country’s economy.

Despite the existence of huge stocks of resources, the question meandering in peoples’ minds is that; are those resources channeled in the best way to transform the economy and living standard of Nigerians? The answer is NO as there are high number of Nigerians that could not afford two square meals in a day. It is obvious that Nigeria is inundated with bad leadership since 1966 when first military intervened, they usurped legitimate government with the intention of salvaging the system but they ended up making life hard for a common man.

Enigmatic nature of Nigeria’s bad leadership has led to its diversion from the path of development; it is attempt to achieve national development due to invidious climate of personal interest, ethnicity, mediocrity, partisanship, sectionalism, cronyism, corrupted process of breeding leaders contributed in making Nigeria under-developed.

Agbor (2011) argues that ‘the success or failure of any society depends largely on the mannerism of its leadership, he further adds that the results of poor leadership in Nigeria is embodied on poor governance manifested in inconsistent political crisis, insecurity, poverty of the extreme order among the citizens, debilitating miasma of corruption and rising unemployment indices’.

Based on the above notion, Nigeria had many leaders but their abilities to continue controlling country’s power enabled them allocate national resources to their accounts, yet leaving citizens in abject poverty. Egocentric politicians are the major obstacles that slow developments since the returned of Nigeria to democracy in 1999.

Candidates of different political parties have been using similar strategies over the years during campaigns, i.e. the challenges of inadequate water, fragile electricity, jutting unemployment, unequipped schools and hospitals just to accumulate votes and yet people are still suffering.

Unfortunately, egocentric styles of leadership start when an individual or groups of people feel that to rule only to live in luxury and accumulate wealth not to lead and salvage people from financial and unfacilitated hardships. Therefore egocentrism is caused by many factors which include greed; Majority of politicians are in to politics to become richer than their fellows, budgeted funds that are set to execute projects end up been diverted for their personal gains.

They (selfish politicians) engage the services of like-minded staff in order to execute their treacherous plans of earning more than normal, and even if such leaders are dealt with, their elements in various sectors must be eliminated too. Secondly is the political system; this has been the second major factor fuelling high ego amongst politicians, even when a leader assume into office with pure intention to serve, the system is already preoccupied by corrupt office holders that easily change such new leaders.

Nigeria as a young democratic country has inherited a system built by military, the military that intervened initially to fight corruption and mismanagement but ended up making it attractive for civilians as lucrative way to be rich. Third cause is absence of patriotism; both citizens and candidates of various political parties view leadership as an alternative for real difying their dreams, this makes level of love for the country less and egocentrism high.

In the past, when a citizen mishandle any national symbols like flag, many gathered around to lament and condemn the act but nowadays it has drastically lamed. Fourthly, unjustifiable judicial system; it happened in times without number where politicians are caught beyond reasonable evidences embezzling public funds but stereotyped as saints and ended up serving few years behind bars. Recently, many corrupt politicians inclined to defection to the ruling party and government abated all corruption charges against them.

After due consideration, for our country to free itself from the shackles of egocentric politicians, there is need for leaders to lead for the betterment of lives not rule for their interest; Nigerian leaders must shun selfish tendencies and promote the living standardize of the populace not eyeing benefits accorded to positions.

Policies and programmes should be free to all, citizens also have to beseech to know what their assembly representatives (in States and national assemblies) are doing and lastly what the President is also doing for the whole nation. Any corrupt politician found guilty of mismanaging public funds need to be dealt with in the court of law even if he or she belongs to ruling party or relatives to leaders.

It is a civic and national task for every Nigerian to vote for candidates of their choices during elections, but it is sacrosanct to elect based on past stewardships. May Our Country Be Free From Selfish Politicians. Amen.

Usman Abdullahi Koli,

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Atiku Calls For Speedy Declaration Of Adamawa Guber Election Result




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By Muhammad B. Muhammad

Former Vice President, Alh Atiku Abubakar has urged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to release Adamawa State Governorship election results unfailingly today.

Atiku who is the Presidential Candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in this February Presidential election made the call during a press conference in Yola Monday.

He calls on Nigerians and International community to mount pressure on the INEC to announce what he described as the mandate expressed by the people Adamawa people.

“I’m reaching out to Nigerians and international community to put pressure on INEC to release our results in Adamawa State today unfailingly because as the more the delay, the more the tension.

“I personally spoke with the INEC Chairman last night couple of times and pleaded with him to allow the result to be announced as stipulated by law,” Atiku added.

He observed that the actions of INEC has caused serious tension in the state that has been peaceful, saying “we don’t know any violence and yet the attitude of INEC in the state least much to be desired.”

Alh Abubakar said Adamawa is a multi ethnic and multi religious state but the action of INEC was trying to destabilize the stability that has long been existed in the state.

“We thought that the processes are improving by every election but unfortunately with this election, we have not seen improvement that we expect from INEC,” he said.

He maintained that 20 out the 21 local government results were so far collated and it was only Fufore that they tried to alter the results.

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2023 Polls: Taraba Deputy Governor, Manu Commends INEC, Calls For Peace




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Taraba State Deputy Governor, Engr. Haruna Manu on Saturday commended the INEC for swiftly testifying the lapses discovered during the 25th February 2023 Presidential and National Assembly election in the state.

Manu who is also the Senator-elect representing Taraba Central, made the commendation while fielding questions from newsmen shortly after casting his vote for the governorship and state house of assembly election alongside his wife at Isa II Kofar Manu polling unit in Mutum Biyu, Gassol local government area of the state.

He said by rectifying the mistakes made during the first phase of the election by the Independent National Electoral Commission in the state, Tarabans will exercise their franchise without hitches.

According to him, from the information reached him, the election generally was going on peacefully, adding that people were allowed to vote for candidates of their choice without any threat.

The Senator-elect assured his constituents of quality representation at the Red Chamber and promised to ensure that the needs they highlighted for him would be achieved during his tenure.

Engr. Haruna Manu also expressed confidence that his party the PDP will win the governorship election and the majority of the state house of assembly seats in the state.

He appealed to the people of the state to remain calm, law-abiding, and embrace one another, as well as urged them to accept the outcome of the election in good faith when INEC finally declared the winners of the governorship and state assembly seats.

Our Correspondent gathered that the elections were conducted smoothly across the sixteen LGAs of the state besides Donga LGA where hoodlums destroyed ballot boxes.

He, however, observed a low turnout of voters in some areas, while in some polling units, the turnout was higher than in the Presidential and National Assembly election that took place last month.

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2023 Polls: You Are A Liar, Taraba CAN Chairman Tells Senator Bwacha 




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Hammed Abubakar, Jalingo 

The Chairman Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Taraba State Chapter, has faulted claims by the Governorship Candidate of the APC, Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, that the Chairman of the association, Rev Dr. Isaiah Magaji Jirapye apologized to him over the endorsement of Col. Agbu Kefas, PDP Governorship candidate by CAN.

Jirapye said, “it was very unfortunate for the personality of Senator Bwacha to have lied on Channels Television that I, the CAN Chairman visited him secretly and apologized over the endorsement of Col Agbu Kefas by the CAN”.

He said that all that Senator Emmanuel Bwacha said about CAN during his interview with Channels TV should be regarded as baseless, adding that the embattled APC governorship candidate is busy chasing a white goose. 

According to the CAN Chairman, “the meeting between myself and Senator Bwacha after the endorsement of Col. Agbu Kefas was for him to take the endorsement in good fate since it was a  unanimous decision by CAN, but I am surprised to hear the Senator on Channels Television lying that I went to apologize to him over the endorsement. 

Jirapye urged Senator Emmanuel Bwacha to desist from dragging CAN in his desperation to govern the State for his selfish reasons. 

“CAN position on endorsement was a unanimous decision and not that of myself the Chairman alone so I  advise desperate politicians to desist from using my name for their selfish interests”.

CAN warns desperate politicians such as Senator Bwacha whom he said lack manners but called themselves Christians, and at the same time insult their spiritual leaders at will to trade with caution. 

CAN is shocked by the kind of outburst of cancerous anger from the Senator and pray God to deliver him from such a problem, saying People of Bwacha’s character should be watched carefully and never be entrusted with Leadership positions to govern the people. 

The Chairman noted that the endorsement of the PDP governorship candidate Col. Agbu Kefas by CAN was in the best interest of the people of the State. 

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