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Nastura Ashir Sharif: A Resilient Activist From Northern Nigeria



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By Usman Abdullahi Koli

One of the rationales that worsen the challenges societies are going through is absence of activists that speak-out or channeling the pleas of people to the rightful authorities. Northern part of Nigeria had potential elites such as Sir Ahmadu Bello, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Malam Aminu Kano, etc that all merged and fought tirelessly along with others from Southern and Eastern regions which led to the independence of the country from British Colonial Masters. The Northern Nigeria for decades lack someone that can confidently come out to speak or stage mass protest on its challenges but in God blessed us with Nastura Ashir Shariff; he is an activist, unionist, voice of the voiceless who always strives for the benefit of all.

Biographically, Nastura Ashir Shariff was born on January 1st 1970, into the family of an Islamic scholar in Sabuwa of Gwale Local Government Area of Kano State. As a tradition in Northern Nigeria a child first attend Islamic school before any other education, Nastura had his rudimentary Islamic education from his father, he had his western education all in Kano State. He started work with the Kano State Ministry of Education in 1988 and was later transferred to Dala Local Government Secretariat in 1989 as a Sport Secretary. Nastura’s political journey started in Social Democratic Party (SDP) as Deputy Administrative Secretary in 1993 and became Personal Assistant to the then Vice Chairman of Dala LGA in 1995, he finally retired and engaged in private businesses.

The agile Nastura is the present leader of Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) which initially started as Arewa Students Forum (ASF), it later mutated into Arewa Youths Development Foundation (AYDF). The ASF and AYDP merged and gave birth to Arewa Citizens Action for Change (ACAC) which strove through writings, speeches and protests against misgovernance and challenges of the entire North. In 2017, the ACAC met with 26 like-minded Northern groups and formed Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) that fights for those whose rights were violated, clamours for qualitative education, struggles for effective health care, reminds politicians of their promises and re-awakens Northerners about the sacrifices made by past leaders.

Indelible dreams of Nastura is to have a North which is free from all sorts of societal ills or any form of conflicts; he along with some similar-minded personalities came up with Initiative for Community Action against Drug Abuse aimed at halting drug abuse and Mentorship Programme that targets Northern students pursing higher education. Factually, Nastura Ashir Shariff is the only immutable man that stages peaceful protests severally against the insecurity and inadequacy of social amenities to people. In an interview with LawCareNigeria, he stated that his career in activism had its root in history where he was exposed to the Late Yusuf Maitama Sule’s school of thought, he further explained that contemporary training in political history, philosophical oratory and diplomatic communication are what inspired many referred him as activist and rights crusader.

The fearless Nastura openly expresses his view on issues affecting citizens or which put them in unbearable hardships, like the spate of students’ kidnappings in north-western States. Months ago, after a peaceful protest in Katsina State, he was arrested and taken to Abuja by the Police where he spent two days in detention; it did not discourage him in the quest for good governance. Nastura uses his hard-earned money in sponsoring of many students that could not afford and whenever they graduate, he asks them to do same to others. In his unwearied vision, he wants authorities to make it mandatory in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions the revision of northern histories, cultures, past elites and how they lived their lives which would make the present and future generations imbibe.

More so, as getting government’s work is becoming impossible to poor and qualified applicants, Nastura strategically and financially support all ranges of youths into businesses while some into acquiring skills in order to stand on their own. Most of those involved in criminalities are unemployed, whenever Nastura is at events, he always draws leaders’ attentions on job creation as it is vital for crimes reduction. In recent years, the whole Northern region is afflicted by activities of bandits, insurgents etc where unspecified number of people are losing their lives on daily basis; if people like Nastura are given chance to lead, certainly all would be well. Nastura prefers to speak-out and risk his life than to remain taciturn.

There is no doubt about it that Northern Nigeria is the epicenter of politics, in view of limitless challenges of the region, the current President gave most political appointments to people from the side but all to no avail as they are passive in curtailing the challenges. It is therefore sacrosanct that individuals like Nastura deserve to be protected because he is contributing toward developments of others than his. Nastura’s vast experience, foresight and like-minded colleagues around him would never let him accept bribe to be quiet without calling him back to track. Nastura Ashir Shariff is happily married and blessed with two boys and two daughters.

Koli, a graduate of Mass Communication, Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic Bauchi

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Fintiri Appoints Auwal SSG, Edgar Chief Of Staff, Ardo Head Of Service




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Adamawa State Governor, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has approved the appointment of Hon Awwal D. Tukur as the Secretary to the State Government (SSG).

Hon Awwal was a former Member of the House of Representatives and served as the Director General of the Adamawa Presidential and Gubernatorial Campaign Council in the 2023 national elections.

Governor Fintiri has also approved the the appointment of Dr Edgar Amos as Chief of Staff Government House.

Following the appointment of Dr Amos who before now was the Head of Service, Shehu Isa Ardo takes over as Head of the Civil Service.
The appointments take immediate effect.

Humwashi Wonosikou
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor

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USAID, IITA Unveil 2023 Agricultural Inputs Fair In Yola




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By Abdulaziz Abubakar Damare

The USAID in Partnership with IITA through its project “Feed The Future, Nigeria Integrated Agriculture Activity” has declared its 2023 Agricultural Inputs Fair opened in Yola, the Adamawa state capital on Monday 5th June 2023 at Mahmud Ribadu Square in Yola, Northeast Nigeria.

In his address, the Executive Governor of Adamawa State Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, commended USAID and its Implementing Partner IITA for choosing Adamawa as one of the beneficiaries of various training and supports by the organizations.

The Governor who is heavily represented by his Deputy Prof. Kaletapwa George Farauta, expressed the readiness of Adamawa state government to partner with relevant organization to boost food security in Adamawa.

Fintiri who described the training given to farmers on modern techniques as timely, called for the NGO’s to train farmers on application of fertilizer and manure as part of their project to ensure bumper harvest.

He added that the state government will pay more attention on the stomach infrastructure of the good people of Adamawa in its new tenure.

Earlier in his welcome address, the chief of party Integrated Agricultural Activity (IAA) Mr. Prakash Kant Silwal said they have engaged over 30,000 farmers in Adamawa on various training and modern farming techniques in the state.

Mr. Prakash said the inputs fair is an opportunity for producers of various crops, seeds, food among others to sell their products.

He added that the inputs displayed at Mahmud Ribadu Square are qualitative, accessible and affordable compared to that of market prize.

In his remarks, the chairman Agro Dealers Association Northeastern Nigeria Alh. Usman Bapullo Ribadu, challenged farmers to harvest a certified seed and acquire the knowledge of farming before venturing into the sector.

On their various testimonies on behalf of the beneficiaries, Mal. Dauda Mohammed from Guyuk Local Government and Josia Stanley said the training obtained from the NGO’s has yielded a positive result and made them self reliant.

The two-day inputs fair in Yola continues Tuesday 6th June and in Gombi on 7th June 2023.

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) is an award-winning, research-for-development (R4D) organisation providing solutions to hunger, poverty, and the degradation of natural resources in Africa since 1967.

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Unmasking The Illiteracy And Hate Of Faceless Stakeholders In Yola North




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In the aftermath of the 2023 governorship election in Adamawa State, a group of faceless stakeholders have emerged, driven by illiteracy and animosity, on a mission to undermine the efforts of the committed and experienced Secretary to the Adamawa State Government (SSG). These self-proclaimed stakeholders, by flagrantly violating the orders given by Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri to engage their constituents for political appointments, are exposing their true intentions while playing a manipulative game of ‘reverse psychology’.

The recent allegations leveled against the Chairman of PDP Yola-North, Abdullahi Sarki (Audu Kacisa), claiming that he secretly visited critical stakeholders in an attempt to influence the selection process for the best eleven (11) political appointees, are baseless and a desperate ploy by these naysayers. Their accusations hold no merit and only serve to highlight their own incompetence and lack of substantiation for their supposed commitment during the election.

Furthermore, the claim that the stakeholders visited by the Chairman have unanimously refused to comply with the request is nothing more than a display of symptoms resembling a new strain of bipolar disease. These so-called stakeholders, who lack the courage to prove their commitment and support, are resorting to baseless allegations in an attempt to tarnish the reputation of those genuinely dedicated to the progress of Adamawa State.

The assertion that the Chairman’s actions were influenced by the former Secretary to the Adamawa State Government, Mallam Bashir Ahmed, is the pinnacle of irresponsibility exhibited by these pretenders who worked against the victory of the PDP in the last election. While true patriots are eagerly seeking collaboration for the betterment of the state, these nattering nitwits continue to throw tantrums and impede progress.

It is important to note that SSG Bashir Ahmad, through his unwavering determination and strategic political calculations, demonstrated his competence without the support of these detractors. While they were engaged in trivial pursuits, he successfully navigated the political landscape, leaving them in the dust. As the reality of their own ineptitude and irrelevance unfolds, they are quickly fading away like flies.

It is crucial for the good people of Adamawa State to recognize these faceless stakeholders for what they truly are: ill-informed individuals driven by ignorance, illiteracy, and a deep-seated hatred for progress. Their attempts to discredit the Governor and his administration, as well as the dedicated individuals who have been instrumental in the state’s success, should not be taken seriously. Instead, the focus should remain on building a united front and fostering collaborations that will lead to the development and prosperity of Adamawa State.

In conclusion, let us not be swayed by the manipulations of these faceless stakeholders who seek to undermine the progress made in Adamawa State. Their illiteracy and hate are evident, and their actions serve only to hinder the collective efforts of those genuinely committed to the state’s growth. It is time to rise above their petty games and work together towards a brighter future for Adamawa State.

By Concerned Citizens of Yola North

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